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The ultimate winter skincare routine for women over 40

Amanda Ramsay shares the ultimate winter skin care routine for women over 40

With Aussie winter in full swing, I thought I'd share a skincare routine that will help your over 40s skin survive (and thrive!) during the cooler, drier months.

Now, because not all you lovely ladies have the same skin, I've put in some variations for different skin-types (one of the key secrets to getting the right skin care and makeup products for you, is understanding your skin type. If you're unsure click here to learn more and work out yours).

So, it's time to make yourself a warming cuppa, slip those feet into some cosy Uggs and let's get started with this nourishing, relaxing skincare routine that will have your skin looking a feeling fabulous - despite the dry, harsh elements.


In the evening, I use La Mav Marula Cleansing Oil. A cleansing oil should gently and effectively remove makeup and sunscreen without stripping your skin or disrupting the delicate mantle of your skin. Something you may want to do all year around, but a non-negotiable during the dry, cool and bracing winter months.

Then I use Clemence Organics Refining Cleanser (Oily skin? Swap the Refining Cleanser with the La Mav Sweet Orange Balancing Cleanser). This gives you a deeper cleanse, that still leaves skin hydrated and ready to absorb nutrients in products that follow next. You really only need to do a double cleanse at night. A single cleanse in the morning is usually enough.


With this being the season of dry, flakey skin, it's tempting to reach for your exfoliant. Maybe don't. This is your skins loud and clear message that it's desperate for moisture. This is a time for nourishing, hydrating products not (often harsh) exfoliants that may strip your already compromised skin barrier.

If you just can't cope without exfoliating, just tread carefully and don't over do it. And promise me that you'll get on the moisturising bandwagon


I love Wildcrafted Organics Wild Rose Mist for this step. Really douse your skin in this heavenly, hydrating serum toning mist with added B3 Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C that makes it more like a serum.

Wildcrafted Organics Wild Rose Mist is fantastic for hydrating over 40s skin


Can I make a suggestion? Really crank up your power-packed hydrating treatments. It doesn't have to be a nightly ritual, more a once or twice a week treat for you and your skin. Use a Sheet Mask. NEW Vanessa Megan Blue Tansy Calming Sheet Mask. And this INCREDIBLE Treatment Mask Vanessa Megan Cryo Facelift. Use it straight out of the freezer and your dry (peri, meno and post menopausal skin will love you for it). Report back and tell me just how much you love me, because this step will change your (skins) life!

Your peri and menopausal skin will LOVE this natural Cryo Facelift Ice Treatment from Vanessa Megan


With Wildcrafted Organics Cell Regeneration Bakuchiol. A kick-arse multi-tasking pro-age wonder-product, packed with a scientifically proven Bakuchiol, a plant-based vitamin A alternative, that reduces lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and pore-size, while boosting skin elasticity and firmness with no irritating effect on skin (like many synthetic Vitamin A/Retinols can do). If you're' keen to take the Tret or Retinol road, do this plant-based potent bakuchiol oil-based serum first. Get your skin ready, build its resilience, before blasting it with a synthetic Vitamin A.

STEP 4. TREATMENT BALM (or moisturiser)

I recommend really locking in in all those beautiful, hydrating and nourishing products, with a treatment balm and I love

Wildcrafted Organics Everlasting Beauty Balm. Alternate the Treatment Balm with the Cell Regenerative Face Oil (in Step 3,) so one night do your Bakuchiol (Vitamin A) and the next night your Everlasting Beauty Balm.

Wildcrafted Organics Everlasting Beauty Balm is such a beautiful, hydrating product - perfect for mature skin.

If you prefer an old-school rich moisturiser, reach for the Ere Perez Wild Tomato Night Creme instead.

And if you have oily skin, skip the Balm and replace it with Ere Perez Moringa All Beauty Creme.


I recommend Clemence Organics Ultimate Lip Balm or Runway Room Tinted Lip Prep, for this step. Lips are often forgotten, but in the winter it's particularly important to keep them free from dryness and cracking with a soothing, nourishing and protective lip balm - especially if you are a lippy lover.


Now this one is not as easy as the rest for many of us. I see you! We ladies tend to end up doing ALL THE THINGS in the evening or even just needing bit of time to ourselves, I'm definitely guilty of a late night. But ladies, today I am giving you permission to close that laptop, step away from that TV remote and head to bed for a good 7-8 hours sleep, because all the skin care products in the world cannot make up for too little sleep! It's the ultimate (free) gift to your skin.

Now, get ready to wake up fabulous!

Need a little extra help?

Book a 20 minute skincare audit and together we will sift through your current skincare items, review your routine, make tweaks and adjustments that will make a big difference to your skin and in turn your makeup game. The secret to great makeup, is really well-prepped skin. In this personal virtual consult I will suggest new products that will enhance, fill a gap or replace something in your bag that perhaps may be no longer serving you.

That's all from me for now.

Keep shining bright ladies.

Amanda Ramsay is a multi-award winning, over 40s makeup artist. You can find out more about her here.


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