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Come behind the scenes with a professional makeup artist ... I've been blessed to work my makeup artist magic with some wonderful humans, like

+ Noni Hazelhurst

+ Collette Dinnigan

+ Rebecca Gibney

+ Sophie Falkiner

+ Kristy Hinze

+ Michelle Bridges
+ Miranda Kerr

+ Delta Goodrem

+ Sophie Monk

+ Jackie O

+ Bianca Dye

+ Sally Pearson
+ Mia Wasikowska

+ Commando Steve

+ Merv Hughes

+ Pat Rafter

+ Adam Gilchrist

+ Sydney Swans

+ Jared Mc Veigh

+ Shannon Ponton

+ Dr Chris Brown

Sally Pearson makeup
Alice in frames makeup
Pat Rafter and Amanda Ramsay
Jared McVeigh and Amanda Ramsay
Commando Steve and Amanda Ramsay
Yaya Deng and Amanda Ramsay makeup
Hannah & Co Design Amanda Ramsay
Tim Draxl and Amanda Ramsay
Bella Ferraro and Amanda Ramsay
Matt Shirvington for Spalding
Dr Chris Brown and Amanda Ramsay
Emma Snowsill and Amanda Ramsay
Paralympian with Amanda Ramsay
Australian Cricket Team
AFL Commentary box - birds eye view
Astra Awards
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