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Morning Skincare routine

Hello, I'm Amanda Ramsay. Your over forties makeup expert, and I'm here to show you how I love to use the beautiful Clemence Organics Skincare range to prep my skin for makeup. Let's go.


The Clemence Organics Refining Cleanser. Damp hands, pump a little onto your hand, and start relishing in the joy that is this beautiful smelling, delicious, hydrating cream cleanser that is perfect for mature skin. Gently massage it in, don't forget your neck and décolletage. Why I love this cream cleanser is that it's super hydrating. It’s going to do a beautiful job of cleaning your skin, but also balancing and calming inflammation. The Clemence Refining Cleanser smells heavenly! It’s Geranium, Patchouli and Rose Otto oil. Then you're going to take your Clemence Organics bamboo face washer, get that nice and wet with warm water, not too hot, and just wipe it all over your face and neck.


The Ultimate Biome Spritz. Give yourself a healthy spritz so your skin's nice and damp and just let that soak in. This hydrating rose water spritz will breathe a bit of life into your makeup throughout the day and keep your skin hydrated. The reason I love to use this in the morning is it's packed with some extra bits and pieces that are perfect for really helping your skin cope with the environmental stresses of the day. The Ultimate Biome Spritz is a beautiful combination of your Rose hydrosol, which we know is really great for helping to cool, soothe and calm inflammation. It's a natural antiseptic so it gets rid of any of those bad guys that we don't want there. Plus, you've got all the other delicious goodies in there that are great for mature skin like hyaluronic acid, which adds that extra hydration and moisture to your skin, the Kakadu plum, which is going to really help with stimulating collagen, all those gorgeous ingredients that you really want from a product that's going to help to see real changes in your skin.


The Repair Face serum. This is a Rosehip oil base and RoseHip is really great for mature skin because it's going to improve the elasticity of your skin. Heaven knows we could do with a bit of that. Three drops into the palm of your hand. Make sure your skin is damp and wet and just massage the Repair Face Serum in. Don't forget your neck, jaw and décolletage. Wait a couple of minutes, let that kind of work it’s magic and soak in. It absorbs quite quickly into the skin. Play around with the number of drops, depending on your skin and what your skin needs. You want that sort of bouncy, slightly tacky feeling to your skin. When your skin is really well hydrated and prepped, guess what? Your make up lasts longer. Now the texture of this is more like an oil because it is packed with beautiful certified organic ingredients and oils like the Rose oil, Calendula for soothing inflammation, Rose Otto oil for its astringent and pore tightening antiseptic properties as well as treating acne prone skin, inflammation and redness, Jojoba oil and all those delicious Omegas from the Rose hip. Omegas vitamin A, C and E. It's like a multi-vitamin shot for your skin.

Your face is now prepped for makeup!

Wait a few minutes, go make yourself a cup of tea, brush your teeth, do something, let all those delicious oils and magic ingredients do their thing and then you're going to apply your sunscreen and whack on some makeup.

If you want to watch a quick tutorial of the Morning Skincare Routine with the Clemence Organics products - click here.

If you have any questions, you can reach me at

Keep shining bright.

Love Amanda x

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