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Your Members Only Makeup Masterclass Series








You're totally fed up with being told that you need to "anti-age" everything. I'm mad about it too. Youth is not the only definition of beauty. We say to hell with the beauty industry's persistent intention to feed on the "fear of ageing", praying on women's insecurities rather than celebrating your amazingness. This is thankfully changing but we have a long way to go. And that my beautiful friends is why you are here. You are here to celebrate the privilege of ageing and looking magnificent at every age. In your Members Only Makeup Masterclass Series, The Shine Sessions, we will cut through the anti-aging BS, demystify the minefield of products, remove the overwhelm and anxiety that can grip you in the beauty departments, simplify the mass of confusion over what you need, what you don't need, and all the marketing fluff to deliver you, the BEST makeup class experience that has ever been for you mature skinned Beauties. Buckle up Beauties, this ground-breaking online makeup course will have you rocking your makeup like a Pro, and empowering you to rock on at every age.

"I can’t believe how much your course has changed my make up life - it was something I had no idea about and no confidence. But since your course, I just love trying new things out and seeing the results. "




The Shine Sessions is a Members Only Masterclass Series of bite-sized lessons, 25 short, easy to follow video tutorials, with printable step-by-step guides, all conveniently housed in 1 location. You'll also have access to "live" Tutorial and Q&A sessions with Amanda that will empower you to simplify your makeup and amplify your look every day. Take it at your own pace.

You will learn how to choose the right products to flatter and enhance your individual beauty, look radiant, and feel a million bucks. Set yourself up, follow along, watch the video, practice, pause and rewind as many times as you like - you'll have 6 months access to alllllll the Members Only Content ... plus Amanda invites you to join the "live" Q&A makeup sessions in the Members Only Private Facebook Group, a very special community of positive vibes, where you will get support, virtual high-fives, guidance, feedback, and you can talk product knowing you'll always get authentic, genuine, tried, tested, professional no-BS recommendations. Bask in the beautiful and enriching positivity of supporting one another as you move through this mid-life scenario. Aging beautifully. Together.

The Shine Series Makeup Masterclass Series is essentially a pro-age mature skin makeup 101. The Basics. Let's be honest, that's mostly what you are all going to use day to day, right? Ain't no one got time for a whole lot more. 


the Topics in The Shine Sessions Makeup Masterclass series include:

Skincare 101
Prepping + Priming Skin for Makeup
The Tools & Brushes you need (and those you don't)
Choosing The Right Foundation
Concealer & Under eye shenanigans
Setting & Finishing your Makeup (no more cake face)
Bye Bye Droopy Eyes - Hello Lifted Sparkley Eyes

Your eyeshadow essentials
Magic Mascara
Face Framing Brows
Genius face shaping aka Contouring
The Magic of Highlighting 
Liven up with Blush
Plumper, healthier-looking Lips

PLUS ...


Along with access to all of the Members Only content, including

25 bite-sized video tutorials


step by step guides


Age-specific product recommendations and discounts

Access to Private Facebook Group for live tutorials and Q+A's.

* Please note the Free Gift Box is available only to those with an Australian residential address.


Amanda is an award-winning professional makeup artist with over 17 years of experience. She's worked with amazing faces like Miranda Kerr, Sophie Monk, Collette Dinnigan, Rebecca Gibney, Bianca Dye, Jackie O, Julia Gillard plus thousands of women aged 40+ just like you. And now Amanda's going to teach you ... and support you every step of the way. You are going to have fun together. Amanda doesn't take herself too seriously - and she doesn't believe makeup should be so darn serious either, heaven knows life gets hard and she's all for makeup being perfectly frivolous, playful, expressive and we promise
you will not be bored. Amanda is 2019 and 2020 Finalist Makeup Educator of the Year and has worked with thousands of women aged 40+. She is an expert in mature skin makeup, a proactive age-positive crusader and brilliant at cutting through the BS so you can simplify, yet amplify your look every day.


"Not only was your makeup course transforming, but it is also life-changing!"




We are going to simplify makeup, with easy, foolproof techniques that you can totally do. I'm going to show you it really is easy when you know how. Makeup does not need to be complicated.  But it is powerful. And it can elevate your mood, increase your confidence, enable you to feel more beautiful, and feel fabulous every darn day.

And it's less about transformation (although it will powerfully transform how you feel about yourself) it's more about enhancing and flattering beautiful you.  Love that girl in the mirror, you're stuck with her, celebrate her. She's bloomin' amazing. So what are you waiting for ... jump in to Register now ... this is the first online makeup masterclass series specifically created by an award-winning over 40's makeup expert for you and it's the first time I've offered it. We won't know if we will do it again. Don't miss out. Boost your confidence. Learn how to do your makeup like a Pro, up your makeup game, learn life long skills that will always flatter, and enhance your face at every age.

Three months ago I was really feeling quite flat about aging and my makeup routine - my saggy crinkly eyes in particular  - but your course has helped me build my confidence again.""





1. What if I'm a bit younger than 40?

We are age inclusive and all are welcome, the tutorials and guides are best suited to women with mature skin.


2. Will I get access to Amanda?

Everyone will have access to Live Tutorials and Q&A sessions hosted by Amanda in a private Facebook Group. Membership to this Private Group is for Shine Sisters only. Amanda pops into the Private Facebook Group regularly to see how you're all going. And you can always schedule a Personal Beauty Consult for just $99 click here. You can remain in the Group for as long as you choose, beyond when your Shine Sessions Membership ends. A

3. I don't know if I have the right makeup and makeup brushes? 

The first tutorial in the online course is all about "Gearing Up". Amanda will run through with you a list of Essentials, much of which you will probably have in your makeup purse or drawers. And if you don't, Amanda will give you a list of recommended products, hand-picked to flatter and enhance mature skin. You can visit the online shop click here.

4. Can I do the course at my own pace, or do you have to attend the classes in synch?

We surveyed our customers to determine what you wanted. The outcome was most of you enjoy going at your own pace. So all of the video tutorials are available immediately on Joining. We recommend you start at Sessions 1.1 and work through each video as the knowledge builds on that learned in the previous video. Practice, take your time, practice some more. The beauty of this online course is that you don't get overwhelmed, you can watch each video as many times as you like, you can also practice along with Amanda. Watch, practice, then gather up your questions for the live Q&A and get live, real-time feedback from Amanda. You will have access to all of the Members Only content for 6 months, so plenty of time to watch, practice ... enjoy and then come back to whenever you need a "refresher".

5. How is this makeup course different to your Free Live Mini Makeup Classes?

The Shine Sessions masterclass series is very different to the live mini makeup classes. It is more focused on techniques, the "how to". Each topic area has several bite-sized video tutorials. Amanda takes more of a deep dive into each topic area, really breaking down the steps, so it's easy for you to follow and DIY. While the videos are short, the step by step approach is broken down slowly, making it easy to practice along, without all the interruptions of the live sessions. Plus everything is housed in one convenient location! No more digging around the interwebs, scrolling for hours looking for relevant, age-appropriate content.

6. I have really sensitive and problematic skin. Will this makeup course be okay for me?

Absolutely. While product recommendations are made, the goal of the course is to arm you with the skills to confidently do your own makeup, using the products you may already have and love. Amanda suggests a fabulous selection of clean makeup and skincare that has a focus on nurturing and nourishing mature skin.

7. Do I have to pay for the Makeup Course upfront or can I go on a Payment Plan?

There are two Payment Plan options. One is an upfront payment and the other is a payment plan, allowing you to "pay off" monthly over a 6 month period. Sorry, there are no refunds or cancellations.

8. I'm feeling nervous about taking an online course.

The benefit of taking the online course is that you don't get overwhelmed. We cover a lot of territory, loads of makeup insider tips and tricks broken down into bite-sized chunks that you can watch and rewatch while you practice. Often in an in-person environment there is a lot to take in, absorb and remember, and we all know we need to practice things several time before they become habitual.

9. I'm not very technologically skilled, so I'm worried the online technology will be too complicated or tricky. 

The videos are housed behind a password-protected area of my website. As long as you can create a password, you can drive the tech with this course! It has been intentionally kept very simple. Click play and you're away. Very simple navigation, clearly labelled "Next Lesson" and "Previous Lesson" buttons guide you through to the next or previous lessons. Easy clickable links to download CheatSheets that you can print, or open up on your device. And we are always here to help you. We have women aged 38 - 75 years old doing the course right now, without any challenges.


9. I think I'd prefer an in-person class with Amanda.

The truth is while COVID-19 is still an issue, it could shut a small business like mine down. It would just take one woman to come, unknowingly have COVID-19, and my whole kit would be condemned. This would be crippling for my small business. The silver-lining with online learning is the videos are filmed so you feel like I am in the room, just talking to you. They are short, simple, clearly explained, fun and easy to follow, and you can re-wind and re-watch while you practice, until you get the hang of that tip or skill. It's not hard, it really is just being shown the way, then practice, practice, practice. The beauty of me not being in the room with you, is the fact, you have to do the work yourself, I can't do it for you. And THAT is where the magic is.

10. Is the Free Shine Sessions Beauty Gift Box available to everyone?

We are sorry, but only those with an Australian residential address will be able to get the FREE Shine Sessions Beauty Gift Box.

11. Will everyone get a COMPLIMENTARY Personal beauty Consult with Amanda?

No, this Bonus was only available to those who purchased an Early Bird Ticket, prior to 18 November 2020. 

Haven’t answered all of your questions?  Please email HERE.

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