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Makeup colour matching made easy

Sometimes choosing the right colour can be a bit overwhelming - especially online. But worry not ladies, I would love to guide you into the right over 40s foundation, eyeshadow, blush or whichever of my products you need help with!

Send me a photo

For successful colour matching, please send me a photo of you:

  • Facing natural light. If taking a selfie, this means you are facing into the natural light and holding the phone in front of you

  • Wear no makeup. I do need to see your skin tone, so please no makeup

  • Showing your décolletage . Particularly important for foundation colour matching, I always match to your chest so you look seamless. Therefore no high neck tops, scarfs, etc please).


It also helps me guide you in to the right products for you when I know what your skin type is - so please mention in your email if you are Dry, Normal, Combination, or Oily (all of our products are suited to Sensitive skin). Not sure? Read the "What's my skin type" blog post.


Your photo doesn't need to be fancy, trust me over 19 years as a professional makeup artist, I've really seen it all! And your photos are never shared, I delete them once I've colour matched you.

However if you are feeling a little self-conscious, below are some tips for taking an extra flattering selfie:

  • Hold the camera/phone at eye height (not boob height - no one looks good from that angle!)

  • Tilt the top of the camera/phone ever so slightly forward

  • Click the Instagram, video link above and watch my demonstration of the Flattering Selfie Tips!

There you go, set for life in this digital world! Much better huh? 😘

Email your photo to, with your skin type and the products that you need help colour matching from my online shop and I will be in touch ASAP. Easy.

Keep shining bright ladies


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