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Hi there, it’s Amanda Ramsay @amandaramsaymakeup and I'm your over forties makeup expert.

Lunchtime Live is your weekly makeup inspiration session for over 40’s. It’s hosted on @amandaramsaymakeup every Thursday. It’s been a long year for our Sisters in Victoria and New South Wales and with the holiday season fast approaching there is some much-needed light at the end of a very long tunnel! Yes we are all feeling far more hopeful and looking forward to reconnecting with the peeps we love the most.

In this week’s live makeup session (click here if you missed it), we introduce you to some of the Holiday Gift Kits. Magnificent makeup, skin and beauty gifting ideas that you can shower your much-missed loved ones with this holiday festive season. Hugs, picnics, reconnection and sharing gifts of love, Christmas is coming early this year. Below is a sneak peek of what we’ve carefully curated for the over 40’s women in your life (plus a couple ideas for the teen’s and mean) … you may even choose to add these to your own wish list (and not-so-subtly start dropping those hints).

Now I know it’s only October, but we are planting that seed of Christmas and holiday gifting now, as the old postal service in this amazing country of ours, is under the pump. So 2021 is not the year to be a last-minuter. Heaven knows what our friend Corona has in store, and ya know, we just can’t see around corners. Below are a few of our top picks.

La Mav Organics Gua Sha + Mini Beauty Tea


A little bit of luxury at your fingertips with this absolutely magical rose quartz Face Roller and Gua Sha. These beauty tools de-puff (kinda essential through the Party Season) and will leave your skin bright and beautiful, combined with a delicious Beauty Tea- this is a beautiful gift of love and luxury 💗

La Mav Sweet Orange Cleanser + Mini Tea


A citrus foam cleanser from award-winning 100% natural Australian beauty brand La Mav Organics in this limited-edition size of 200ml. This is one for the whole family to use and start their day with burst of foamy zesty goodness, clean skin without stripping delicate skin of it's essential oils for repair. Perfect for the teens, men, and those with a combination-oily skin type.

Clemence Organics Body Pack


Next, This pack is filled to the brim with all the summer body essentials. A body & hand cream, a divine, and we mean DIVINE body oil and Clemence signature product the SOS balm in a large AND mini size!! Plus extra skincare samples from Australian certified organic #ladystartup Clemence Organics included this is sure to keep the skin looking soft and hydrated for all those summer seekers!

Summer Lips Kit + mini Beauty Tea


This dynamic duo is a LIMITED EDITION of peachy goodness! Suits all complexions and will take you or your loved one from the beach to bar or fancy picnic fast. Ragesim Beauty is Australia’s first makeup brand specifically formulate for mature skin. You’ll get the genuinely hydrating lip gloss that looks magnificent on it’s own, but totally comes to life when layered over this peachy toned lip liner – a quick slick and your set for the summer festivities!

Festive Gloss and Glow + mini Beauty Tea


The stunning pop of colour from Rageism Beauty’s universally flattering lip gloss shade, Aurora (hello plumper, fuller looking lips), a pop of cheek colour from Inika Organics and to finish it off the hydrating glow-getter Ere Perez Vanilla Highlighter. 3 products to bring your complexion to life, and get you up ready for the party, fast!

Merry and Bright Kit - Red Lips


The Ultimate Festive Season party starter! A universally flattering bangin' bright lipstick duo that will have you feeling like the life of the party. All eyes on you Sister!

Summer Base Kit


This pack has everything! Light-weight moisturiser from Ere Perez Cosmetics, with the luminous foundation from Rageism Beauty + an award-winning foundation brush to make it all super simple to achieve the ultimate summer base. Mix a dollop of the moisturiser to the foundation and say hello to your own luminous, BB Cream. All taken care of in one pack. Plus a special treat from Loco Love handmade chocolates! Best be popping this Summer Base Kit on your Santa list!

And there you go, some beautiful gift ideas for all those special people in your life!

If you have any questions you can reach me at

Keep Shining Bright

Love Amanda x

PS - Keen to learn how-to use all these amazing products? Check out The Shine Sessions. Your Members Only Makeup Masterclass Series, The Shine Sessions, we will cut through the anti-aging BS, demystify the minefield of products, remove the overwhelm and anxiety that can grip you in the beauty departments, simplify the mass of confusion over what you need, what you don't need, and all the marketing fluff to deliver you, the BEST makeup class experience that has ever been for you mature skinned Beauties. Buckle up Beauties, this ground-breaking online makeup course will have you rocking your makeup like a Pro, and empowering you to rock on at every age.


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