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Beautiful, Bright and Bold

Today would have been my Mother's 72nd birthday. Mum was vivacious, spirited, passionate, and always rocked a vibrant lippy. Mum never left home without her lippy on, like never. So in celebration of my Mum Wendy - and all her Warriors - plus the onset of Freedom and Party Season, we're going to slick on a bright lippy and face the World with great gusto, confidence and fun.

Hi! I'm Amanda Ramsay @amandaramsaymakeup your over 40s makeup expert and I'm going to give you my step-by-step guide of luscious, bright and bold lips!

STEP ONE: Hydrate

When your lips are hydrated this creates the perfect base for longer lasting lip colour. I absolutely love the Clemence Ultimate Lips. In this stunning organic lip balm there is a hint of refreshing lemon myrtle along with Jojoba and shea nut oils which provide long-lasting hydration. Therefore keeping those lips luscious and all day long! This is such a versatile Lip Balm and the whole family can use it. It even helps prevents cold sores as it contains the lemon myrtle oil which is known for its anti-microbial properties.

Tip! Make sure to apply at night-time before bed so your lips are regenerating and hydrating while you sleep!


STEP TWO: Stain Lips

For longer lasting lippy, instead of reaching for the "long wear formula" that sucks the life out of your lips, try a stain. Makeup isn't bulletproof but a stain will help your lip colour last longer. You can use your finger or a brush to apply this. This hydrating, natural blend of Lip Stain by Ere Perez can be used on your lips, cheeks and even as an eyeshadow.



Firstly, Make sure your lip pencil is sharpened. The MAVALA Sharpener is a quality cosmetic sharpener and comes in the Luscious Lips Kit. Then using a natural neutral toned liner, or a brighter colour if you prefer a bolder look, and holding the lip pencil vertically, trace the outer vermillion line of your lips. This is the little line just outside your actual lip line. Feather the liner into the centre of your mouth. This helps to give your lips more volume and make them look fuller.

STEP FOUR: Lipstick

Apply a genuinely hydrating full coverage lipstick colour. Ere Perez Big Band would have been an absolute fav of Wendy's! And one I really love when wanting that bold look. Applying the lipstick over the stain provides a really vibrant and full look. Perfect for those parties and those festive season events which are very closely approaching!

Party time - Yay!!


STEP FIVE: Lipgloss

You can of course interchange a lipgloss for a lipstick, on the days you don't fancy a bold lip. But in honour of Amanda's Mum Wendy, we're bringing out the bold lip!

There you go, these simple tips will elevate your everyday makeup to party, freedom ready. Don't be afraid to try some different shades and vibrant colours on your lips. Dress up, feel great and give a bright and vibrant lip a go! Let's go girlfriend's!

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If you have any questions before then you can reach me at

Keep Shining Bright

Love Amanda x

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