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How to create a glam smokey eye look that is flattering for women over 40.

Okay so you want a sultry, smokey eye look that doesn't leave you looking like a panda or worse, like you've been punched in the face or crying all night? I've the smokey eye technique that will give you a glamorous, elongated eye look and make you feel like a total goddess.

This blog was written in 2019 and while it's still fab, you might want to click here for an updated (and quicker) glam, smokey eye look that uses just three products.

smokey eye makeup for women over 40

- stunning photo of @teraohara by @gail_hadani and @agencesilver -

I'll be upfront and say, the elongated smokey eye technique is a tad complicated but I've broken it down into a step by step, paint by numbers kind of routine, to make it easy to follow and do. You can do it! So grab a cuppa - or better still a glass of wine of espresso martini - and settle in for your step by step tutorial on how to create glamorous smokey eyes that flatter women over 40.


Click here to watch the 11 minute video. I walk you through step by step how to create a glamorous smokey eye makeup look that is flattering for us women over 40.

- Click the image ⬆️ to watch the step-by-step video, how to create glamorous elongated smokey eyes that flatter women over 40. -

smokey eye makeup look for women over 40

- Click here or click the image ⬆️ to download your free smokey eye makeup guide -


Now it's time to put it all into practice. Go on, give it a go. What's the worst that can happen, you take it off and start again?

If you would like more personal guidance, join me for your hands-on eye makeup workshop click here to find upcoming classes. If you can 't get to a class, schedule a one-on-one personal beauty consultation. Click here for more details on your Personal Beauty Consult.

Below is a list of products that I used to achieve this look along with alternative suggestion for all you natural clean makeup lovers and a couple budget busting options.


Product used: Armani Luminous Silk foundation 6.5

RRP $99

Click to Buy ➡️

luminous foundation for women over 40

Clean Swap:

Rageism Beauty All Day Foundation - specifically formulated for mature skin

RRP $65

all day foundation for mature women

Budget/HIgh Street Option: To be frank, it's almost impossible to replicate the finish of Armani Luminous Silk or Rageism Beauty All Day Foundation in a budget formula. I'm yet to find one I can confidently recommend.


RRP $42

Click to Buy ➡️

easy eyeshadow makeup for women over 40

MAC Cosmetics bronze and blush colours (used on eyes but discontinued colours)

Instead try:

Natasha Denona - Midi Bronze + Glow Palette

RRP $79

Click to Buy

bronze eyeshadow for women over 40

RRP $54

Click to Buy

matte bronzer that suits women aged 40 plus

MAC Cosmetics plum purple eyeshadow (in limited edition set no longer available)

RRP $45

Click to Buy ➡️

Eyeshadow colours for mature skin

RRP $36

Use this link to get 15% off your first purchase Click to Buy ➡️

rose gold eyeshadow for women over 40


Product used:

Use this link to get 15% off your first purchase Click to Buy ➡️

Click to Buy ➡️

Brown eyeliner makeup for mature women

Budget Option:

RRP $9.95

Click to Buy ➡️

budget Brown eyeliner makeup for over 40


Product used

INIKA Organic Long Lash mascara

Click to Buy ➡️

best mascara for mature eyes

BudGET Option:

Click to Buy ➡️

budget black mascara for over 40


Product used:

RRP $38

Click to Buy ➡️

Garbo & Kelly brow gel

Clean Swap:

RRP $35

Click to Buy ➡️

easy brow gel for mature eyes

Budget Option:

RRP $10.99

Click to Buy ➡️

Designer Brands Brow Gel


Product used:

Charlotte Tilbury The Retoucher no 4 (No 3 is a better colour for me)

RRP $57

Click to Buy ➡️

Charlotte Tilbury The Retoucher

Clean Swap:

Rageism Beauty Concealer - specifically formulated for mature skin

RRP $40

Click to Buy ➡️

under eye concealer for women over 40

Budget Option: The above concealer formula's are pretty darn special. They are light weight, liquid and light-reflecting .. so perform spectacularly under the delicate crinkly wrinkly eye area. I'm yet to find a budget buster formula that performs anywhere near as well. Totes worth the investment.

Dive in. Be the smokey eye goddess that you know you can. Beauty is ageless, confidence is everything and feeling incredible is the secret. If you want a little face to face hands on support click here to join one of my makeup masterclasses specifically for women over 40.

Love Amanda x


makeup classes for women over 40

*In the interest of full transparency as that's how I roll here, please know that when you click these product links I may receive a small affiliate commission.


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