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Glam, smokey eye makeup tutorial

A flattering, elevated look for women 40+

A quick and glam, smokey eye makeup look for women over 50. Makeup artist Amanda Ramsay, wears a smokey eye look created with just 3 products, carefully selected because they suit women over 40s skin.

I love me a smokey eye for Autumn - it's fun to do and can be dialled up or down depending on your style, your mood or the occasion. It's also a great way to add a bit of edge when you're wearing a pretty blouse or dress. 


In this blog, I'll take you through a slightly elevated version of the simple smokey eye makeup look I've shared before - think of it as phase 2! It's still a quick look, there's just an extra step to add bit of extra oomph. Oh and did I mention it suits everyone?

CREATE A GLAM, Smokey eye in 3 steps


Apply a dark (but not too dark) eyeshadow across your upper lid and a little more below your lower lash. I love the mii Cosmetics Eye Crayon in the shade Rose Gold for a smokey eye. It's a super stunning and easy to use colour. It won't crease, won't budge and unlike powder there is no prep required. Meet your (smokey) eyes new BFF!


Now, if you're going for a simple smokey eye, you can skip this step, but most of my ladies love a bit of eyeliner and this is the step that really cranks up the glam. I have added quite a lot here, but you can tone it down, (always do you!).

Run your eye pencil below and above upper lashes and, if you're feeling bold, to your waterline for extra drama! For this look I've used the beautiful Eye of Horus Goddess Eye Liner in Nubian Brown. Super soft, natural, and she won't budge!


For the final step ladies, curl those lashes and the apply your mascara. In black (always). For this look I have use the Inika Organic Long Lash Mascara. Until I found this baby I was a bit underwhelmed by the natural mascara options, but this one blew my socks off.

There you have a it. A really easy, but red carpet worthy smokey eye, using just 3 products!

Watch my live Instagram tutorial (above), for the full look, including skin prep (the step that many of my ladies forget but that makes ALL the difference!)

Age boldly. Go smokin' next time you go out. You will love it!


Need a little extra help?

Want to get better at makeup, but don't know where to start? Book a Personal Beauty Consult for a one-on-one, personalised, online session with me, your over 40s makeup and beauty expert, and together we will create a daily look that suits you (and you life!)

That's all from me for now.

Keep shining bright ladies.

Amanda Ramsay is a multi-award winning, over 40s makeup artist. You can find out more about her here


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