Makeup Artist - Presenter - Educator - Visual Stylist

2020 Makeup Vlogger of the Year
2020 Australian Makeup Artist of the Year Finalist
2020/2019 QLD Makeup Artist of the Year Finalist

2020/2019/2018 Educator of the Year Finalist
2018/2019 QLD Makeup Artist of the Year  
2018/2019 Event Makeup Artist of the Year Finalist

The go-to blog for beauty, makeup and skincare specifically for women over 40.

Shop with a Makeup Artist. Carefully curated collection of makeup specifically designed for women over 40, over 50, over 60 and beyond.

Pro-age online Makeup Masterclass series. Learn how to do your makeup like a Pro to flatter and suit you now. This is a Members-Only zone.

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Fed up with having to "anti-age" everything? Me too! Welcome to The Shine Sessions. Your pro-age Makeup Masterclass Series of 25 bite-sized lessons, all conveniently housed in one location. Members Only makeup tutorials on everything you need to know about makeup for mature skin, from go to Whoa! Short, easy to follow video tutorials, with printable step-by-step guides, and products that will nurture, nourish and flatter your mature skin. Cutting through the marketing BS, just giving you what you need, simple, easy, foolproof uncomplicated tips, tricks and insider secrets to help you shine at every age.

Step into your confidence, your power, your amazingness. The Shine Sessions is essentially a pro-age mature skin makeup 101. Created by an award-winning professional makeup artist and over 40's makeup expert. Get the right guidance and recommendations that will see you shine brightly like the sparkling diamond that you are. It's makeup for grown-ups. 

"You have changed my life. I know that sounds crazy but seriously, you have. I am loving makeup again, I love how the products makeup me look and feel. So good, much better to anything I've ever used before. Thank you."


"Thank you so much for my consult today. You were amazing! It was so worthwhile. Thank you so much - you are so generous with your time and expertise - I could have stayed talking to you forever!"



2020 Australian Makeup Artist of the Year Finalist, 2020 Makeup VLogger of the Year, 2019-2020 MAGAP National Makeup Educator of the Year Finalist, 2019 Gold Coast Woman of the Year Finalist & 2018-2019 MAGAP Queensland Makeup Artist of the Year, it's been an epic few years of accolades. Amanda's an experienced professional Makeup Artist on a mission to help women over 40 feel damn fabulous about themselves using a little genuine insider beauty know-how. She is an advocate for the pro-aging movement and campaigning to inspire women to remain visible and rock on well beyond 40.


Amanda would like to thank you so much for your ongoing support and for being a part of her age-positive crusade, lifting women up to shine brightly and rock on at every of age. #beautyhasnoexpirydate

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My age-positive crusade and mission to see all women over 40 remain visible and feel fabulous has been featured on Channel 9 News, Channel 7, TVSN,, Prevention magazine, Brisbane News, Gold Coast Bulletin, Get It magazine, whimn, Daily Mail + more.