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Why it's important to really care about your look at work.

Why it's important to really care about your look in business

The old adage that "clothes maketh the man" has always intrigued me. My mother always said "dress for the job you want". As a youth I found this a little icky, why should I dress for others? The short answer is you shouldn't, style is an inside job, but it's become very apparent that we sparkle more brightly and feel better when we wear clothes that elevate, thrill and delight us. Dressing ourselves is a fun part of daily life, and a creative way to express your uniqueness. It's important to really care about your look, what you wear and how you present yourself at work ... it's time to give a damn. Because when you feel good, you look incredible and folks are attracted to that yeah?

style for professional women

The clothes and accessories you choose, the way you style your hair, wear your makeup plus the way you wear them is expressive of your spirit. Contemplate that your outer presentation is a representation of your inner world. My friend - and kick-ass Stylist - Sally Steele coined the saying "style is an inside job" and I just freaking love it. The way you present yourself expresses your mood, personality, ambitions and values, quite simply reflecting the way you see and feel about yourself, and in part the way you wish others to see, know and maybe just fall-a-little-bit-in-love-with you.

Of course it goes without saying that what matters most is within you. However presenting yourself at work with care is part of honouring and celebrating you and your values. When you feel beautiful, comfortable and fabulous in your clothes, your makeup, your hair, it flows to feelings of added confidence. Who could use a little extra confidence? Choosing clothes that suit and flatter you is an art form (that's why stylists are a-plenty and I've spent over 16 years surrounding myself in their creative amazingness!)

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Even if simple, minimalist style is your thing, your clothes and makeup should make you feel magnificent. Makeup and clothes should be joyous and therefore effortless to wear. They need to make you feel good. It's like Marie Kondo and her art of decluttering, simplifying and surrounding one with the things that only spark joy. Wear only what makes you feel bloody awesome, your confidence grows and the work flows.

style for working women over 40

On top of all of the above, you can not underestimate the ways in which other people read you through your personal presentation, rightly or wrongly, it's human nature. Folks make all sorts of assumptions about you, your work, your business, based upon your clothing choices and personal grooming (makeup, hair, skin care, nails). At best your outer style needs to be in line with your inner feelings. And at times, we need the outside to help influence how we feel on the inside. The power of being intentional about your clothing, makeup and hair, transforms how you are feeling internally too.

It is not superficial to honour yourself and truly take care of you. Be deliberate about how you present yourself at work. It does not mean to fixate on appearance. It is a sign of respecting yourself and valuing yourself. Give it a try and let me know how it makes you feel.

style makes you shine

When was the last time you updated your headshot?

A good business headshot helps you communicate in a nanosecond who you are and what you do. The clothes you choose, your makeup and hair style, your nails and of course the magic that an experienced and thoughtful photographer brings to capture the specialness of you ... all reflects you, your brand and your business. With everyone researching you and your business online, it's never been more critical to get the best version of you in front of people. Remember people make a judgement call on you and your business within 7 seconds. It's actually only 3 seconds when scrolling online. That's not a whole lot of time to hear what you have to say now is it? Presentation - and a stellar headshot - has never been more important to you and your brand and business soaring.

Are your headshot photos in line with the 2020 version of you?

A few questions to help you think this through:

1. Are you current and are the photographs of you representative of you right now?

2. Do you feel in line with where you're at in your life/business?

3. Do you want to up the ante to attract something new or different?

4. Have you been hiding in the shadows? Is it time to step out and be seen?

5. Is it time for an update?

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Keep shining bright,

Amanda x

Psst ... When you book your Headshot photo session we will directly donate 10% to the Australian Bush Fire Relief Charities, WIRES Wildlife Rescue and Red Cross Australia.


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