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Here is part 2 of my 2022 Mother's Day Gift Guide.

Ladies, here is part 2 of my Mother's Day Gift Guide.

Just a reminder, here at Amanda Ramsay Makeup HQ we are all too well aware of the emotional rollercoaster Mother’s Day can be, half our team at ARHQ have lost our Mum’s, and/or struggled to become Mum’s. We know only too well what a somber day it can be. So know that this guide is intended for you too. All the goodies we’ve curated are to spoil and indulge you or your loved one, whether it’s a spirit lifting lipstick duo or a chill-lax sleep tea and mask, we reckon we’re here to help look after you. So anywhere you read “Mum” you can interchange this with “you”.


The perfect pairing for luminous, hydrated and glowing skin. These two products are absolutely stunning in their own right, but paired together they produce some seriously luminising results for all skin types.

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This one was made with the Clemence Organics mega fans in mind. This Kit includes 3 core body products, gifted in a Limited Edition soft and stylish red cosmetic bag.

This pack from award-winning Australian certified organic #ladystartup Clemence Organics, created by a Naturopath, Bridget Carmady has your skin health front of mind. Given your skin is the body's largest organ, she needs all the love she can get!

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Specifically formulated for mature skin, packed with moisture and a delicate light reflecting gold shimmer, this heavenly lip gloss duo makes lips look fuller instantly. Click here to shop.

For the makeup master

Oh my eyeshadow, these palettes are a must-have. Runway Rooms Mineral Eye Palettes are 100% mineral, making them ideal even for the most sensitive skin type. Available in 2 glorious combinations.

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Does mum’s makeup brush draw need an update? This professional quality, vegan brush set with seven must-have brushes is seriously all she will need to create every makeup look. Click here to shop these AH-MAZING brushes.

This Beauty Tool Essentials Kit is the perfect addition to your makeup essentials providing you with the basic tools you need to get started on your makeup journey. The Kit features a Lash Curler, Tweezers, Sharpener, Cleansing Pads and Loco Love Chocolate.

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Light up your eyes and discover the perfect makeup for your eye colour with these magic eyeshadow Duo's. When you find the right eyeshadow colour for your eyes, you will see them really pop and sparkle.

To make it easy for you, I've selected the perfect pairings for your eye colour and skin tone.

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Keep stunning eyes simple for mum with these must-have products for beautiful and easy eye makeup.

High-performance, professional quality products to deliver lifted more defined eyes in a flash every day. Two long-wear budge-proof, easy to apply, eyeshadows with a professional quality, cruelty free brush that does all the hard work for you. Everything you need to create fabulous looking eyes fast, that stays all day.

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This unique shade is suitable for anyone wanting a soft tint of colour to the cheeks or lips. Blush sticks are my go-to at the moment and this gorgeous peach colour is a winner for all mature skin types.


Perfect for the indecisive, or last minute gift-giver we have gift vouchers that can be used in the Online Shop and to book a Personal Beauty Consult.

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To view the full collection of Mother's Day Gift Giving ideas, click here

Wishing everyone a wonderful day with and celebrating the special women in your lives. And if you or someone you know is struggling this year, make sure you reach out for help. The team at Lifeline Australia are available via 13 11 14.

Love and gratitude,

Amanda xx


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