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The secret to luminous makeup when you’re over 50

Psst - it’s good skin prep!

I am guessing you might be here because that youthful, healthy-looking luminous makeup look you want feels harder than it used to. Maybe you feel like every line and crinkle is amplified by your makeup. Or perhaps your makeup faves have started looking a bit flat or meh.

You are not alone. Many of my clients first come to me because their makeup just isn’t looking as fab as it used to and more often than not it’s making them feel a little down about getting older.

And that makes me sad. Because getting older should not be something to feel bad about. It’s something to be celebrated.

But guess what? The secret to fabulous, luminous makeup does not lie in being twenty (although yes, that helps a little!). It actually lies in how well you prep your skin before you reach for your makeup.

So, chin-up sister - let’s talk skin prep for over 50s makeup.

How to prep your skin for makeup

#1 Cleanse and tone

For ladies with oily and combination skin, I recommend a gentle cleanse followed by a hydrating toner.

Dry and normal skin sisters, you can skip cleansing in the morning as long as you were good girls and washed your makeup off last night. A hydrating toner is normally enough for you.

#2 Apply a hydrating serum

A great, hydrating serum is like a huge drink of water for your skin - the ultimate instant plumping skin bestie. No matter your skin type, the right hydrating serum is essential to creating a great base for makeup.

#3 Apply a face oil

A quality face oil will soften and smoothes fine lines, slow down the signs of premature ageing, boost collagen production and improve the skin texture plus bring instant radiance to your skin. And who doesn’t want that?

Leave this stage out if you have oily or combination skin as your skin already has lots of natural oils and adding more can lead to breakout city (argh) - you can use your face oils at night (just make sure they are specific to oily skins!).

#4 apply a sunscreen

Here in Australia adding a sunscreen to your makeup prep is a MUST and this is the point in your beauty routine I recommend applying it. (Click here for my shop faves).

Wait 7-8 minutes for your sunscreen to sink in before reaching for your primer.

#5 Apply a primer

The final skin prep step - a primer. A great skin-loving (not skin suffocating) primer gives your skin extra hydration and transforms it into a wonderful smooth canvas, for makeup application, extra oil control and makeup stickability through those sweaty/hotter moments.

OK now, you’re ready to apply your makeup. 💋

Skin prep made easy - with my new kits

Because skin prep makes such a difference, I’ve created two go-to kits, for preparing your skin for better makeup and healthier skin - one for combo/oily skin and one for dry/normal skin.

I’ve chosen the products in these kits because they work for mature skin. No more meh skin or makeup for you.

Each kit contains 4 skincare essentials and a primer for hydrated, healthy, well-prepped skin, and longer lasting makeup.

Pair with my best selling Beauty Boxes

All the makeup you need to look fab in 5 minutes.

Often when we get a little older, even with the best skin prep in the world, the makeup we’ve used for years just doesn’t work for us anymore.

If you feel like your makeup bag needs a bit of an overhaul, or you’ve lost your makeup mojo, my carefully curated (best selling) Beauty Boxes are a great place to start. I spent years testing and researching products for over 40s skin and the best are in these ‘essentials’ boxes.

That’s it for now.

Keep shining bright my lovelies.



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