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4 simple looks that will get you date-night-ready in a flash.

date night makeup for women over 40

Four simple - and oh so hot - hair and makeup looks that'll take your work look to sexy sultry date-night ready in a flash. Leaving you feeling confident and looking a little bit spesh. These 4 date-night looks are less about perfection and more about finding that little special extra that adds a little jazzy-handed pizazz (yes, I'm bringing that word back into the venacular!) and you want to pull off. Be it a high-impact lip or a touch of glitter so you sparkle in the dark. Date night with self - self love is something we just do not give ourselves enough of - or with a special someone else. However you might be celebrating the month of love ... here are my 4 simple looks to get you ready in a flash.

First your skin. Let's be honest, your skin can look a little dull by the end of the day, especially if you've been in an air-conditioned office at work. Your first step towards makeup revival is hydration. Spritz a hydrating facial mist to reinvigorate your workday makeup. Then clean up and cover up. Fix “end of day” mascara and eyeliner with a cotton tip dipped in a little gentle makeup remover. Grab your concealer to spot cover any uneven skin. Brighten up cheeks with a little cream blush. Now you’ve revived and refreshed skin, you’re ready to crank it up for date-night.

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  1. WINGED LINER Winged liner guarantees some head-turning. Let’s just make sure it’s for the right reasons .. and not because you’ve wonky wings or gone a little too heavy.

HOW TO: Start by lining the entire upper lash line with a black eyeliner pencil. Take a cotton bud and drag out the wing into a sharp point. Use a liquid eyeliner to set the shape. Clean up any smudging by taking a fresh cotton bud soaked in makeup remover and swiping underneath or above each line. Dab a touch of silver shadow In Diamond, Silver Moon or Pearl at the inner corner of the eyes for instant glimmer. Slick on a nude lipstick.

  1. ALL OVER GLOW For a beauty look that screams candle-lit-dinner without being OTT, try all-over glow.

HOW TO: Start by applying a fine black liner to your upper, lower lids and water line. Coat lips with a sheer, sparkling gloss. Use a pearly highlighting powder to add a touch of shimmer to your cheekbones, bridge of your nose and décolletage.

  1. TOP KNOT A universal crowd favourite. It’s quick and easy to do, a winner in the humidity. For date-night, try a sleek and savage version.

HOW TO: Blast a little dry shampoo at the roots of your hair and hairline. Spritz hair with texturizing spray. Brush hair tight (et voila instant facelift) and high up on top of your head. Secure with an elastic. Tease the hair clasped in the elastic. Wrap and pin into the shape you like.

  1. SLEEK & SLICKED One for our short-haired goddesses (which of course can be adapted to all hair lengths). The slicked-back pixie look is making a comeback. It’s sleek, chic, sophisticated and easy after a long day at work.

Photo source HOW TO: Mist your hair with water. Rub a generous amount of high-shine pomade between your hands, run your fingers through your hair. Give your hair a deep side part and comb back with a wide-toothed comb. Finish with hairspray. You're date ready. Looking for some more self-love beauty gifting ideas check out my Valentines Day Self Love Beauty Gift Guide 👉🏼CLICK HERE

With love, Amanda x PS What would you like to see, watch and hear more of from me? What's your biggest beauty challenge? Click HERE to send me a quick message.


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