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Self-love Beauty Gift Guide

I'm totally down with a bit of self-love-beauty-gifting. I'm worth it.

self love beauty gift guide for mature women

Now everyone's version of self-care is different and the whole act of self-care varies from woman to woman. However you choose to show yourself some love, taking the time to stop and give yourself time out is a necessary "to do" and one often not prioritised on the never-ending to-do list.

Whether your practice of self-care is through mental-health and being more mindful, immersing in nature, a long walk on the beach, breathtaking walk in the rainforest, or some hard-core thrash-the-credit-card retail therapy, luxurious beauty treatments, much-needed massage, inhaling substantial amounts of chocolate, indulgent body care buys, or pretty makeup splurges, I've put together a list of my top 10 self-love gift ideas... with an age-positive all natural beauty bias of course.

Stop. Take a few deep breaths ... it's time to give yourself some love and what a magnificent excuse Valentines Day is ... let's go shopping

My TOP 10 self-love gift ideas

1. Simplicite Nutritive Body Lotion

250 ml, $51.50

Treat sun damage, sunburn, dry and irritated skin, prevent radiation burns from cancer treatment. This natural body lotion is made with certified organic ingredients, personally selected for their highest quality and activity and then freshly extracted by hand. This is heaven on your skin.

Click here to SHOP NOW.

Use the code amandaramsay10 for 10% off your first purchase.

2. Wildcrafted Organics Wild Berry Honey Cleanse. Exfoliate. Mask.

100ml, $85

Might just be my current fave product - so it had to me in my Valentine's Day self-care wish list. A facial in a jar.

Click here to SHOP NOW. Use the code BEAUTYINSIDER to get 20% off your first purchase.

3. wrinkles schminkles

$42/pack. Each pack contains several pads and each pad can be reused 20 - 30 times!

Click here to SHOP NOW.

Use the code AMANDARAMSAY to get 20% off

My beautiful friend and fellow true-crime-podcast-addict Gaby started this phenom business. She's a powerhouse #ladystartup and her products work to iron out any unwanted wrinkles. Now that's not to say there is anything wrong with wrinkles and crinkles .. it's all what makes us uniquely beautiful. But if you're feeling like smoother looking skin fast, in a non-invasive, perfectly safe way .. wrinkles schminkles are your new best friends.

4. Have a luxurious facial.

Any excuse to lay the heck down! Plus a blissful holiday for your skin. Plump up, clear out and reinvigorate tired neglected skin.

self love beauty gift guide for women over 40

Choose your fave skin specialist. I can recommend the following experts:

💚 Belinda Hughes Skin Clinic, Natural Skin Expert in Melbourne

💚 Gemma Bennett, Earth Essence Beauty, organic beauty expert on the Gold Coast

💚 Skin Matrix in Newcastle & Sydney.

Have a favourite skin therapist in your City? Click here to send me their details. I'll do some further investigating and consider their inclusion in my Beauty Insider Black Book of Beauty Amazing-ness (coming soon).

5. Kylie's Professional Mineral Goddess eyeshadow palette.

$138 for 9 shades

$70 for 4 shades

Click here to SHOP NOW and get 15% off.

Reboot your eye makeup with this 100% natural, high-performance, highly-pigmented shadows to make your peepers pop. Then book into one of my All About Eyes Makeup Workshops so I can show you how to really master your eye makeup

Click here for upcoming dates or to go on my waitlist.

6. Mukti Bioactive Body Elixir.

$154.95 200ml. Yes she is pricey but my god she is effective.

Click here to SHOP NOW.

body elixir gift for women over 40

Okay so this is definitely in the "spendy" category but OMG this might be the most luxurious, phenomenal body oil I have personally ever used. In love. Infused with 14 of the world's most precious, active certified organic oils and Australian native extracts this delicious body oil targets cellulite and stretch marks, leaving your skin glowing.

It's rooly, rooly good!

7. Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics Beetroot Lip Stain

Beetroot Lip Stain $32 (in Fun or Joy)

Click here to SHOP NOW.

I'm a sucker for serious 100% natural makeup that performs. For all of you who struggle with disappearing lipstick, this is the product for you - you can also use it on your cheeks for a flush of blush. A much-loved and well used staple in your refreshed makeup regime.

8. The Beauty Chef Glow

$ 65 (150gm)

Click here to SHOP NOW.

self love gift ideas

Cult-fave hero product 'Glow' It's yummy and damn good for your gut and skin. Founded by Carla Oates in Sydney, The Beauty Chef believe beauty begins in the belly.

9. Loco Love chocolates

$5.75 each - $10.95 twin pack

Click here to shop now.

I've nicknamed these guilt-free or "diet" chocolates. Hand made, each piece is a mini work of art. Created by a gorgeous young thang in Byron Bay, from simple vegan ingredients - don't be fooled, these bad-boys are delicious. With the addition of superfoods, tonic herbs & therapeutic grade essential oils, Loco Love promise that these artisan Australian chocolates are nothing like you’ve ever had before. All recipes have been developed by a naturopath & nutritionist to bring you chocolate with benefits

10. Amanda Ramsay Essential Makeup Brush Kit - SOLD OUT

Set of 5 brushes, $49.95


Over 400 women have attended my makeup masterclasses, and very few women have the right brushes. And brushes really do make your makeup application a) a whole lot easier and 2) a whole lot better! So I created and curated my kit of 5 essential must-have brushes. These are all you'll ever need.

Happy Self Love Day beauties. You're gorgeous. You're special. And you deserve a little time out.

With love and hugs

Amanda x

At Secrets from a Beauty Insider, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of beauty stuff. All of my picks are independently curated by me, either things I use myself, in my professional makeup kit or have tried, tested and fallen in love with. In the interest of full disclosure, if you buy something via one of the links on my website I may earn a small commission.


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