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In the chair with ... The Natural Beauty Expert Belinda Hughes

I meet many magnificent women doing seriously inspiring things. Heartwarming, sometimes thrilling and cheeky stories from kick-arse women who share my love of lifting women over 40 up to shine bright and feel fabulous. So Secrets from a Beauty Insider's In the Chair with... series is born. Cool women doing cool stuff, plus the makeup and beauty products they use to perk themselves (and/or their clients) up. Who doesn't love a sneak peek inside another woman's makeup purse?

the natural beauty expert for mature women

Let's meet Belinda Hughes, The Natural Beauty Expert and owner of Belinda Hughes Skin Clinic, Melbourne's leaders in organic and natural facials, and beauty treatments.

What inspired you to launch your business?

"Originally I launched Natural Beauty Expert around the same time as the Wellness Movement hit because I saw so much misinformation written by over-enthusiastic wellness bloggers, who weren't qualified practitioners. You know the meme, rub coconut oil on your body, hair, cancer, bank account! So I thought to myself, I’m a professional and expert skin therapist, I can do a better job and truly educate women on skin health. Aside from some folk spruiking "smash a banana and put it on your face to avoid chemicals"there wasn't a whole lot of reputable information out there in the marketplace. A lot has changed but Belinda is still at the forefront of the Clean Beauty Movement.

natural beauty expert for mature women

Belinda says "It was also important for me to start producing quality content, so I engaged university qualified practitioners to contribute to the online magazine to get proper expert advice out there. Over 200 contributors, 24 celebrity covers and interviews and 2 years later, Natural Beauty Expert is still a unique offering in the space of natural beauty and wellness."

What is currently in your make up bag?

clean makeup choices for mature women

Let's take a sneak peek inside a natural beauty experts makeup purse - and see what this professional is using on herself ... most telling really isn't it? Click the links to find out more or to BUY:

1. OrganicSpa Beauty Balm, it's a tinted moisturiser

5. Au Naturale stick blush (it has this delicate gold shimmer through it, omg its so pretty!!!)

7. Au Naturale black eyeliner it's a soft pencil.

8. Adorn mascara "Have you tried it? It’s the best mascara I’ve ever used (traditional or natural). I do the same makeup everyday, have a simple routine to make morning's efficient, and

9. INIKA Organic eyeshadow when I go out.

What product can’t you live without. Why?

"Organic Spa Beauty Balm in light. I never leave home without it. It's an all-in-one organic cream, gives a light all over coverage and clarity to my skin, plus helps to repair, refine and hydrate your complexion." It leaves my complexion with rejuvenated skin.

Click HERE to buy or read more.


Belinda says the key to great skin is routine. Routine. If you don't into a great routine, you can't expect great skin.

What’s your biggest beauty challenge?

"Around my eye area. My family ages quickly and are prone to eye bags, so the smallest sinus snuffles and I start to look like the emperor out of Star Wars! I use a micro current face-lifting device regularly and a great nourishing eye cream to try and combat the area, but I will need to get some laser tightening when I hit my 40s."

What’s your top beauty tip?

"Consistency with your routine, you will see an improvement in your skin just by being diligent with washing and moisturising with great natural products morning and night. Of course adding a serum will also boost your skin even further."

Who inspires you the most?

"I love it when I see a leader not only leading but also inspiring others and doing a damn good job of it. That kind of leadership always gets me fired up to keep going and raise the bar in my business."

Where is your happy place?

"My skin clinic (is it bad to say a workplace?!) but it’s been a dream of mine for years and I have this beautiful Parisian inspired room that’s so cosy with beautiful sash windows in South Yarra and I just love it!"

natural beauty expert for mature women

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

"I’ve been so fortunate to have so many amazing mentors over the years I couldn’t pin it down to one thing. But the theme I guess has been to do what you do fearlessly and do it with passion. When you lead and give people something of value it only leads to success. I think people can sense when you’re faking it."

Thankyou for sharing your top tips and insider secrets with us Belinda. In Melbourne, visit my Melbourne organic facial and beauty expert.


I'm in Melbourne this week to run The Ultimate 5 Minute Makeup Masterclasses and will be stopping in to Belinda Hughes Skin Clinic for a facial. Can't WAIT!


You can find out more about Belinda on her websites and socials.

Natural Beauty Expert

Belinda Hughes Skin Clinic

Belinda Hughes Skin Clinic, Level 1, 132 Toorak Road, South Yarra 3141, VIC Australia

Phone: 1800 227 993

Have a question? Click here to send me an email.


Amanda and the Secrets from a Beauty Insider team



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