Minimalist skin. How to use concealer as your foundation.

Listen up all you skin minimalists, you can use concealer as your foundation. You bet you can. I know right, who knew? It's the skin minimalists new favorite makeup tip. Whether you are just not down with foundation, that is you don't like how it feels or, you just really prefer to wear the bare minimum or, you're really looking for an "off duty" barely there look or, you are blessed with excellent skin but you do just fancy a little something to help even out your skin tone. You are becoming increasingly aware of extra redness - thankyou hormones - and broken capillaries - thankyou thinning skin in key problematic areas like your nose, cheeks, chin ... then watch this video below 👇🏻 click the image to view now

In the video I show you how to use a light-weight, light-reflecting, liquid correcting concealer to even out your skin tone and brighten up your under eye area without looking overly made up. I'm calling it minimalist skin, using concealer as your foundation. Just add a little golden glow, a light-loving liquid luminiser and say hello to fresh faced you!

It's true we are increasingly aware of redness, broken capillaries, and increased pigmentation, these are all the spoils of a life well-lived. Your skin is thinning as your collagen and elastin production ease and the layer of fat under your skin begins to deteriorate (one area we really don't want to lose fat!) This can give a more translucent, ruddy appearance to your skin, enabling those lovely little capillaries and veins to become more visible. Plus many years of sun-exposure leads to some kind of trauma to the skin cells and the clumping of pigment on the skin. While this isn't a disaster by any stretch of the imagination, it can just make your skin appear uneven, blotchy and red. So a little light-reflecting liquid concealer placed strategically can work wonders to counteract redness and freshen up the appearance of your skin.

Here's step by step how to use concealer as foundation:


To counteract any redness and diffuse the appearance of pigmentation, apply a swoosh of light-weight, light reflecting concealer onto your nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. Using your fingers, a damp sponge, or densely packed brush gently tap or pat the product into your skin working from the inside of your face ie your nose, and blend the concealer outwards. Layer a little extra product just where you feel you need it, and use your fingers to work this into your skin.

UNDER EYE BOOST Choose a light-weight light-reflecting concealer that is a shade or two lighter than your skin and tap it into the delicate under-eye area for an instant lift. Your occipital bone is deteriorating with age, which quite literally gives your eye area a more "sunken" appearance. A quick fix for this, is to tap a lighter concealer into the under eye zone. This will instantly make you appear more rested and vibrant.


For an off duty, minimalist makeup I love to add a pump of liquid illuminating luminiser into sunscreen and/or moisturiser and massage this all over your skin. Why, you ask? It delivers a beautiful glow to your skin - and glowing skin, is more youthful, playful and healthy looking skin.


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