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Pack light for your next holiday: Your makeup must-haves for travel.

Wanderlust spirits are high as you scroll through the social media feeds of your friends swanning around Europe, whooshing down the ski slopes, basking in the sun. I love it. It's a beautiful escape from the everyday.

how to pack light when you travel

Myself ... I'm off to the UK and Greece with my little family for the month of September. Yes, I'm very aware that I'm #blessed. It's a well earned, long overdue break (if you can call it that with 2 young boys 🤨) to visit my husbands family in the UK, reconnect with old friends from London days, and get amongst some Greek mythological adventure in the Mediterranean.

over 40's makeup must haves for travel

I've never been an "over-packer". I love to free myself from the burden of "stuff" whilst on holiday, live as simply as possible and just take my current high-rotation pieces that bring me heaps of joy. I love to keep my look really simple - embrace wild poodle-hair - and continue my simple skincare routine (routine is one of the keys to good skin). But I know many women struggle with overpacking - enter Nikki Parkinson at Styling You's e-book "Confessions of an Overpacker".

how to pack light, confessions of an over packer

And let's face it beauty products can weigh a tonne, consuming precious space in our bags.

Below is a carefully curated list of essential beauty, makeup and skincare travel essentials. So you can relax, look and feel fabulous, whilst basking in all your blissful holiday glory.


Let's call it your travel "capsule makeup wardrobe" designed to fit neatly into a small-ish makeup purse and cosmetic bag. My stress-free guide to packing travel essentials for holidays. Think multi-tasking products, mini's, minimalist simple skincare. I've created a shoppable product guide and printable checklist to help you ⬇️ Click the photo below to get your guide now.

over 40's makeup must haves for travel

Click here to shop the jet-setting essentials that will make you look and feel dead-set fabulous on your upcoming escape or travel for work.

Keen to find the right products for you - want a personal shopping guide, or a few tips on mastering a makeup technique, or simply want to stop wasting money on products that don't suit you? Click here for your one-on-one Personal Beauty Consult or grab your age-specific Beauty Box (a collection of 5 makeup must haves for women over 40, over 50 and over 60) click the image .

mature skin makeup and beauty boxes

Rock on, dance to the beat of your own drum, shine bright and pack light,

Love Amanda xx

PS If you're looking for some red hot fashion and styling inspiration for your next holiday - or work travel - or just everyday inspiration to remain visible and feel fabulous, please check out over 40's personal stylist and fellow lifter-upperer of women and sparkle-aholic, Sally Steele's new book Dare More Care Less. It's jam packed with fashion styling ideas and mantras like "ditch the inner bitch", "metallics are a neutral" and "be your own inner cheerleader". It's a kaliedescope or fashion, colour and mindset happiness that will inspire you.

sally steele makeup for book launch by amanda ramsay

* At Secrets from a Beauty Insider, I am here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of beauty stuff and help guide you into products that are right for you, my magnificent tribe of women over 40. All my product picks are independently selected and curated by me, and my team, based on our personal and professional experience of each product. I only talk about products I genuinely use and love and, for full transparency, if you buy something I link to, I may earn a small "affiliate" commission.


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