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Fab & Fifty

Fab & Fifty. I am turning the big five-0 this month.

How quickly I seem to have landed here, at 50. I'm sure Mum had it wrong on my birth certificate. Surely, it can't be true!

I feel like fifty has really snuck up on me. Suddenly, here I am. Officially a Mid-Lifer. Time flies when you're having fun - or raising children and running a business!

I feel damn fabulous about being 50. I'm excited, looking forward to it even, yet a couple of sneaky little thoughts keep creeping into my mind, which have really taken me by surprise.

1. My own mortality

My own mortality is not something I've ever really contemplated. I seem to have happily plodded along in this invincibility bubble of living forever or frankly, never really growing up (isn't it frightening when you look around and realise you are the adult in the room? You're the one everyone's turning to for all the answers. How the heck did THAT happen?! I feel quite suddenly aware that I am on the "downhill run" so to speak, and this has totally taken me by surprise. My own mother died young. My grandmother died young. So yeah, it's messing with my head a little bit. For now, I'm going to blame the good old peri menopause. She gets the blame for a lot of unwanted thoughts and behaviours! Can you relate to this feeling?

2. A slight mourning of my youth

When I think about that girl that travelled around the US, the Greek Islands, India, Turkey, and Europe I almost can't remember who she was. It's a strange fondness, I don't want to go back, but yet I feel a little sad I'll never be "her" again. It's a slight mourning for and of my youth. Do you know what I mean? I don't think we talk about this enough, the loss we might begin to feel as we enter the next Chapter of life after 50.

Turning fifty has mostly driven me to think more about myself and letting go of what others might expect of me. My focus is turning more towards myself, my needs, wants and wishes, more so than perhaps the selflessness of motherhood would traditionally allow us - or tell us - to be. Is that okay to admit? I feel a little wave of sorrow for my boys really, as I'm an "older mum" (once branded a "geriatric mother") who is now entering menopause while my boys are still fairly young. I love them with every cell of my body and I'm also okay with prioritising myself, how I want to spend my days, what I'd like my days to look like. Definitely wrapped in cuddles with my boys but look there's only so much Minecraft talk a woman can take! Turning fifty feels like this move forward into me-time.

3. Finding my purposE – helping you shine bright

Turning 50 has also made me super motivated to share what I know about makeup and skincare. The significant shifts you achieve when you prioritise skin health, rather than "swift transformations", the pep in your step you get from using the right products that nurture your health, whilst enhancing your beauty, make you feel like smiling, and really seeing yourself with fondness. Approaching 50 has given me the most significant impetus in finding my purpose. I love weaving my over 40's makeup expert wand, to empower you, inspire you and all women aged 40 plus. It gives me wings. Helping women over 40 see themselves again with compassion, humour and kindness fills up my cup.

So, where to from here is anybody's guess! For now, I'll be surrounding myself with the people I love and raising a glass to the next chapter. Life after 50. Show me what's you've got!


It’s my birthday and I’ll have bright lips if I want to

Now you can’t have a milestone birthday like 50, without a party, and you can be sure I will be rocking a statement lip at my big birthday bash.

Lots of my clients start off a little afraid of a bold lip, but soon come around when they see the results. A pop of colour on the lips can really lift your face and in turn make you feel a million bucks. And it doesn’t have to be red, there are so many other beautiful brights like pink, raspberry and orange.

For my fiftieth though, I will be wearing my absolute favourite, the classic Scarlett by Rageism. It is the bomb (shell maker).

Ready for a statement lip? Do it. Not ready for a statement lip? Do it anyway and see what happens.

Check out all my tried tested and loved lip kits – I only stock the best makeup for over 40s


It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to

But I WILL look fab doing it.

Now one downside of hitting 50 is peri menopause. OMG. Why do we ladies not talk about this more? The flushes, the sleepless nights, the tiredness, the forget-your-head-if-it-wasn’t-screwed on moments!

Now, I’m no expert in menopause, but I am living it and I DO know a lot about over 40s makeup, so after many requests from you, I have put together a fabulous new Beauty Box to help us very peri ladies, feel great - no matter what our hormones throw at us!. Think of it as some TLC in a box.

Each of my Very Peri Menopause Beauty Boxes contains:

  • 2 nourishing skincare products (soothe, calm, nurture, hydrate)

  • A mineral primer that helps with staying power, while also nurturing your skin

  • A simple 5-product, 5-minute makeup routine for over 40s.

  • Universally flattering shades

  • A makeup brush (for better application)

  • No more trying to figure out what is right for you.

And there are options for dry to combo and oily skin.

Go on treat yourself. There is nothing you don’t need (or deserve) in this Beauty Box.

Keep shining bright Sisters. We are all on this wild ride of mid-life and beyond together, and I'm here to support you with the best makeup and skincare tips for women over 40.


Amanda x


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