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IN THE CHAIR WITH ... a sneak peek inside the makeup bag of an over 40s style and fashion director.

Liz Golding

In the Chair with is a beauty segment, where I pick through the makeup purse of women over 40 who inspire me. I was pretty keen to see what fashion director and creative agent Liz Golding has hiding away in her makeup purse... I love a sneak peek inside another kick-arse, over 40 womans' makeup bag. Thought you might too.

Let me introduce Liz by saying there ain't much Liz Golding of Illuminate Us hasn't done. She is the ultimate all-round creative genius - stylist, fashion director, mentor, creative agent, event director/producer/creator ... and my fave quality, she's a stellar cheerleader for other women. One of Brisbane's fashion styling royalty, Liz has set up several businesses and is also the in house personal stylist for Indooroopilly Shoppingtown in Brisbane. Let's meet Liz ...

"I have been a Fashion Stylist for over 30 years (trying to retire) and one of my businesses Illuminate Management started because people in the industry have always come to me for contacts. There was a gap in the market that needed filling. That was 6.5 years ago. I also have a company called IlluminateUs PR and that came about because PR for small fashion and beauty folk in Brisbane and Queensland was scarce. Illuminate Us PR do food and beverage plus lifestyle PR too. So we can create the images, get them into the right media hands, or help make websites, graphics, connections with stockists and more". It's safe to say Liz is a skilled connector and has a keen eye for spotting opportunities.

Liz Golding

"I really love the connection side of the business, I can bring groups of people together and make things happen in their industry and business. I love small business and really care about how retailers and proprietors are trading."

Looking good when older

What inspires you?

"I'm inspired by so much.

I love the past aesthetic of Sass and Bide,

I love Iris Apfel.

I love the clothing brands, Rubyyaya, Lulasoul, Sarah Hickey art, FRANKiE4 footwear, Boomshankar, Bandra (psst the blue dress Amanda wore to the Makeup Artist Awards was Bandra, ❤️), Pamela Easton, Cassandra Harper and Anannasa.

I love accessories from Adorne, Jilly Marsden Jewellery, (the earrings Amanda wore for the 2019 Women of the Year and 2018 Makeup Artist Awards were made by Jilly, she's amazing), Tiff Manuell clothing and accessories."

older women makeup

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given – that might lift another over 40’s woman up to shine?

I actually don’t know where these particular bits of advice come from however “Make yourself valuable” is my mantra. Also lately I have been saying to myself “Don’t wait for someone else to shine the light on you.” On my desktop is a post it note that says “Clients don’t care about anything but how you can help them.”

mature women style tips

What is currently in your make up bag?


Issada Foundation Mineral Pro stick and Blush in Champagne Diamond


Sephora eyeshadow pallete FOUND IT: Sephora Collection Feline Instinct eyeshadow palette. Click here to Buy

A really good pair of Tweezers and a little magnifying mirror (for those pesky chin hairs etc)

What product can’t you live without. Why?

Booki Brow Co Trio set and brush because I have very fair and fine (invisible) eyebrows and have been drawing them in everyday since I was 14….

What’s your biggest beauty challenge?

Age spots, chin hair, no eyebrows, thinning and fragile hair. (ditto here Liz, all sounds very familiar!)

mature women expert stylist

What’s your top styling tip for women over 40 (you can have more than 1)?

✔︎ Find a couple of brands you love and stick with them, you will know the shapes the sizes and create a look that you are comfortable with.

✔︎ Use boutiques with multiple brands and talk to them, they will start buying for you after a while when they have learnt what you like and go looking for pieces you like in ranges. Use them as your stylist, they are a wealth of talent…adopt them.

✔︎ Get a great hairdresser.

✔︎ Buy good quality bras.

"My favourite fashion boutiques on the ground in Brisbane are Kabana shop at Graceville and Hummingbird the Shop at Paddington."

To find out more about this magnificent woman, get fashion inspiration or get in touch use the links below

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