Is it really a crime not to prime?

Absolutely not. If you're using good skincare - that is right for your skin - then you really don't need a primer. Primer creates an extra layer between your makeup and your skin. It's purpose is to fill in lines - or blur fine lines - and create a smoother surface for makeup.

Photo by Samantha Qeja on Unsplash

That's what really good skincare is for. And nothing will smooth or blur bumpy skin. Nothing except maybe an excellent exfoliant. So in my opinion primer is totally unnecessary for everyday use. For all women, not standing under TV studio lights, there is no need to prime.

If you have crazy oily skin, then you may occasionally want to use a primer on special occasions. I know my view may be unpopular with some but I am okay with that. Many primers are silicone or petroleum based and dead set terrible for your skin and your health. The upshot is get your skin to optimum health and there really is no need for a primer.

Below I've outlined what you can do instead to get your skin "primed" i.e plump, hydrated, nourished and ready for makeup ... as this my Beauties is the true foundation of any great makeup.

The path to great skin.

Oh so many options. I'm currently LOVING an oil cleanser at night and a cream cleanser in the morning. If that's too high maintenance for you, keep it simple and go for a cream cleanser because you can use it morning and night, in the shower or on a cotton pad. Product suggestions:

Have dry skin? Try Wildcrafted Neroli Cleansing Oil 100ml $45

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Have normal skin? Try Clemence Organics Refining Cleanser 100ml $44.95

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Have oily skin? Try

Simplicite Plant Gel Cleanser

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Floral toner sprays all the way, hydrating, antibacterial and gentle. WARNING - be sure to check that there is no alcohol lurking in the ingredient list as it will just serve to damage and dehydrate your skin. Product suggestions:

Clemence Organics Tone + Hydrate Spritz Rose Water 100ml $39.95

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Simplicite Floral Toner Combination/Oily Skin 125ml $36.30

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This is a minefield and a whole blog post as there are literally thousands of options that do a myriad of tasks. My simplified options are:

For day time

Vitamin C is an important ingredient for mature, sun damaged skin, that all experts appear to agree on. Product suggestions:

Ere Perez Quandong Green Booster Serum 30ml $40

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For night time

Vitamin A is the number 1 ingredient you want to look to improve the texture of your skin and promote collagen production. Please be super careful as some retinol/vitamin A serums are extremely harsh and will absolutely make you more sensitive. Tread carefully - it really is not suited to all skin types, I personally react. Choose an organic product over a harsh chemical unless you are under the care of an expert beauty doctor/nurse to prime my skin.

Product suggestion:

Mukti Organics Age Defiance Night Serum 30ml $109.95

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Think of this as nutrition for your skin. Mature skin - whether oily or dry - LOVES oil. It will almost singlehandedly bring dull, tired looking complexion back to life. Springy, plump skin - that's what primed skin out to feel like. Massage onto your skin morning and night. Just wait a couple of minutes - clean your teeth or make a cup of tea - before reaching for your makeup. Product suggestions:

For oily skin

Simplicite Sage Oil 55ml $43.20 Click HERE to buy. Use the code amandaramsay10 to get 10% off your first order.

For dry skin

Eco by Sonya Glory Oil 30ml $49.95

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