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Contouring for grown ups: How to shape your face using bronzer.

how to use bronzer makeup to shape mature women

I'm just really not down with this full-boar contouring trend (thankyou Kim Kardashian for bringing an age-old, extremely effective pro stage makeup artist trick to the masses). Problematic as a) it's unnecessary for most, and b) who the flip has time for all of THAT layering? Agonising - and way too much self-assessment at close range required. If you want to go hard on the contouring, and you really want to completely transform your features rather than just enhance your natural beauty, go ahead. knock yourself out. But I'm here to help you simplify while amplifying your look. Watch this little video below where I show you contouring for grown ups - I've nick named it "Senior Contouring". I'll show you how to shape your face using a little bronzer.

how to use bronzer makeup to shape mature women

Photo: INIKA Organic

Click below to view the bronzer tutorial, a simple how to video on contouring for grown ups: and how to shape your face using bronzer. 👇🏻

When I say shape your face - it's subtly deepening the natural contours of your face, using bronzer, and cleverly disguising a double chin, creating a slimmer looking face whilst delivering that sun-kissed bronzed goddess look we love. Well I love. Let's be honest, we do look and feel better with a tan - can I say that?

Products I've used and mentioned in the video are:

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Tips for colour choice:

PICTURED LEFT: Sunbeam is quite dark and suits medium/dark skin tones

PICTURED RIGHT: Sunkissed is quite subtle and suits fair/light skin tones

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soft finishing brush for contouring makeup on mature women

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This might just be the BEST self-tanning foam, ever. Seriously. Big call but it smells like rose water. That's enough to swing me - not stinky fake tan smell. It leaves my fair, freckly skin, super bronzed. I'm obsessed.


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Bronzer is like magic. Sun-kissed goddess ... who may have just dropped 5kg's on the way to pick up her bronzer. Ha! Happy senior contouring ladies. Love, Amanda x


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