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How to: Do Couch-To-Zoom Makeup (in 5 minutes!)


Hi there, it’s Amanda Ramsay @amandaramsaymakeup and I'm your over forties makeup expert.

Today I'm going to show you my five minute makeup. It's my go from the couch to a Zoom call with clients or colleagues, in a five-minute spruce up. This is all about the order of application to help simplify your morning routine and what products to choose to really look camera-ready in less than 5 minutes.

Step One- Eyeshadow

Step one is an eyeshadow crayon. I like to use the Mii Cosmetics Forever Eye Crayon. I find when I'm on Zoom or any kind of video call that I want a bit of definition around my eyes, especially if I’m wearing my glasses. So the Mii Cosmetics Eye Crayon is the way to go because it’s basically instant eyeshadow. You just pop it on and blend with your fingers.

Step Two- Foundation

Step two is the Rageism Beauty All Day Foundation. I’m using the colour 03 Medium/Dark and I just massage it all over like I would my moisturiser. I like to use my fingers for this, but of course you can use a brush. My tip for using a brush however, is apply with your fingers first, then go in with the brush. That way you're not wasting a ton of product, which is just being absorbed by your brush.

Step Three- Mascara

Next, we're going to whack on some mascara. Always black, especially if you’re on a Zoom call. Using a ton of mascara is really going to give you quick, easy definition around your eyes. I'm using the Inka Organic Long Lash Mascara.

Make sure that you don't look up, keep looking downwards with your eyes so you don't end up with mascara all over the eyelids because mascara needs bit of time to dry.

Step Four- Brow Gel

Next I like to brush through my brows with the Mii Cosmetics Sculpting Brow Builder which is a tinted brow gel. Just give them a good brush to create instant brow definition. And what they say is true, brows really do frame your face. It does give you a pretty quick polished looking makeup, just by grooming your brows. By brushing them through really quickly will take me from the couch to Zoom fast!

Step Five- Blush

Next, just add of pop of colour to your cheeks. I'm using the Ere Perez carrot colour pot. It's a cream blush in a sort of ballet slipper pink. It just gives your complexion a bit of a lift. This might be enough for you, and you might just want to whack a bit of the Carrot Colour Pot onto your lips and that's your five minute makeup.

Bonus Step- Lipstick

Hot Tip! if you’ve got an important meeting or if you just really like a bit of colour, then don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour. I’m going to use the Ere Perez lipstick in the colour Surprise.

And there you go. I'm ready.

If you'd like to watch the my IGTV of how to do this Couch to Zoom 5 Minute Makeup click here.

If you have any questions you can reach me at

Keep Shining Bright

Love Amanda x


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