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#SkinSOS: how to deal with your annoying dry Winter skin

how to combat dry winter skin for mature women

Photo by Monika Izdebska on Unsplash

We over 40's women are really up against it in Winter.

As if it's not enough that with age you are losing moisture - bye bye collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and all her various family members - then Winter has to come along and tip us over the dry-skin edge.

With the hormonal changes of the peri-menopausal, menopausal, post menopausal woman, dry skin is a little inevitable.

So I've put together my top 5 Winter dry skin products to help you deal with your annoying dry Winter skin.

I'm often surprised - and somewhat baffled - that women with dry skin, don't ask yourselves if your skincare is in fact serving you. If you're using the right skincare, you probs shouldn't really have dry skin. Know what I mean?

Nutritional biochemist, Dr Libby Weaver says that dry skin may indicate;

🚫 an EFA (essential fatty acids) deficiency,

🚫 poor skincare choice,

🚫 thyroid dysfunction,

🚫 poor quality diet,

🚫 a diet too low in fat,

🚫 poor digestion.

If your dry skin issue is especially persistent, consider consulting a specialist.

Dry winter skin tips for mature women

Tried, tested and much-loved by me, below are your top 5 Winter Dry Skin busters that will have you feeling plumped up, smooth, and revitalised fast ... welcoming back some of those depleted family members like collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and water ... plus give long-term improvements to your skin way beyond the Winter months.

A quick note before I jump in. You'll notice that all of the following suggestions are 100% natural or organic. The most important products to make the switch to natural and ethical options are those that cover the largest surface area of your body. Your skin absorbs somewhere between 60 - 90% of what you put on it. So Sister, it's worth contemplating making the switch as your health and well-being is important to me. Body lotions, body oils, body washes and scrubs are a great place to start, if you are interested in making the switch to clean, natural beauty.





1. Wildcrafted Organics Everlasting Beauty Balm

organic beauty balm for dry winter skin

Use the code AMANDA20 to get 20% off your first order. CLICK HERE TO BUY

✔︎ Certified organic, Australian owned and made

✔︎ Rejuvenates damaged cells + improves the appearance of prematurely ageing skin

✔︎ Saturated with Vitamin E and a huge amount of vitamin C ( 12 x more than oranges) to promote skin cell regeneration . It also contains omega 3,6,9 AND 7.

✔︎ High levels of Omega 9 helps to increase your skin's elasticity

✔︎ Squalane is an antioxidant that prevents UV damage and the formation of age spots, promotes cell regeneration and is antibacterial.

Essential fatty acids and Pro-Vitamin A help restore elasticity to damaged and ageing skin. It is also a soothing addition for products intended to heal dry and cracked skin, eczema and psoriasis.

This is one of those rare products that quite literally blew me away. You will notice a difference in your skin immediately. Next level hydration. Superb for busting dry Winter skin. Yes it's of the "spendy" variety but a pea-sized amount will do your whole face. A little goes a long way.

2. Weleda Evening Primrose Age Revitalising Body Oil

Body Oil for mature dry skin

✔︎ 100% natural (no synthetic ingredients)

✔︎ Inexpensive.

✔︎ Leaves skin healthy, firm and renewed.

✔︎ Helps your skin to retain moisture, as it's packed with essential fatty acids and omegas 3,6 ,7 and 9.

✔︎ Made from Evening Primrose Oil, Sea Buckthorn and Jojoba Oil to regenerate, firm and nourish dry and mature skin..

3. Simplicite Nutritive Body Lotion

nutritive body lotion for dry mature skin

Use the code amandaramsay10 to get 10% off your first order.

If you follow me on social - if you don't, best you start now 😉 click here - you'll be familiar with my love affair with this product. Created for women undergoing radiation therapy to heal skin after radiation burn, this lotion has saved my skin in so many ways.

After laser treatment.

After Efudix topical chemotherapy treatment.

And daily all over my body.

✔︎ 100% natural (no synthetic ingredients), Australian family owned and made.

✔︎ Immediately soaks into the skin. Packs a hydration and healing mega-punch.

4. Simplicite Body Oils

Use the code amandaramsay10 to get 10% off your first order.

✔︎ 100% natural (no synthetic ingredients), Australian owned and made.

✔︎ 4 different body oils in 100ml pump bottles to choose from.

✔︎ Packed full of medicinal grade plant extracts and potent essential oils; Sensual Relaxing, Toning Invigorating, Fluid Cellulite, Nutritive Relaxing.


PRO TIP: Add a couple pumps of body oil into your body lotion

for 10 out of 10 silky smooth and soothed skin. Report back and tell me you don't have the smoothest skin you've had in years?


5. Salted Touch Salt Scrubs

salt scrub for dry mature skin

Put my name AMANDARAMSAY in the comments section at checkout.

✔︎ 100% natural, Australian owned and made

✔︎ Sloughing away dead skin cells

✔︎ Luxurious mineral-rich body scrubs with Australian sea salt & natural oils

✔︎ Leaves your skin feeling soft yet surprisingly nourished, soothed & radiant.

best tips for dry mature skin

For dry lip SOS, click here to find my go to must-have product (also one of Julia Roberts, Victoria Beckham and Adele's faves!)

Now you're well and truly ready to deal with your annoying dry Winter skin and transform to beautifully hydrated skin. Dry skin be gone .. hello silky smooth goddess.


Amanda and the Secrets from a Beauty Insider Team

Stop wasting money on products that no longer serve you.

Get guidance to make the switch to 100% natural beauty.

Declutter your makeup purse.

Master eyeliner, find the right foundation for you ... so many questions and I've got all the time and the answers for you.

Personal Beauty Consults are here! Click the video below for more info. And book using this link HERE



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