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Eye candy. How to create a winning look with your eyeshadow palette.

create a winning look with eyeshadow for over 40's

A spectacular looking eyeshadow palette is every girls love-at-first-sight beauty impulse purchase. The temptation is real. They look so pretty and you’ve just got to have one. But how the heck do you put all that loveliness to good use and look fabulous rather than freaking ridiculous? Don’t you wish each palette came with a little “how to” instruction manual? Well here are some do's and don'ts to ensure you look less like a clown and more like the sparkling goddess you are:

how to create a pink eyeshadow look mature woman

Below are my tips to help guide you to looking more fabulous and less freak with eyeshadow:

Choose 3 colours.

Don’t: get overexcited and throw everything on at once! Do: one light, one medium, and one darker tone. This could be a pale gold, copper, and rusty red. Or a vanilla, latte and chocolate brown. Or pink, cobalt blue and navy. A pale pink, medium brown and a dark purple. Or a vanilla, latte and chocolate brown. A mint, teal, emerald green. You get the idea.

Colour wash first. Do: Apply the lightest of the 3 shades all over your lid with a fluffy brush.

Apply the medium shade.

Add “shape” and dimension to your eye. Do: Sweep a little under your lower lash line for a soft smokey look, (this will really open up your eyes). Swoosh a little through your socket (sticking to the outer two-thirds of your eye). Blend with a clean fluffy brush.

Apply the darker shade next.

Just in the outer corner of your eye, in a little ‘v’ shape. Run a little under the outer third of your lower lash line, joining it to the upper third of your upper lash line.

Sparkle. Your sparkle days are far from over! Choose that sparkly, shimmery, amazing colour that’s screaming to be worn, and dab her in the middle of your eye lid for that extra festive season pop.

Hello you’ve just created a sexy smokey eye that will elongate and open up your eyes! If you’re still confused, join me for A Glamorous Eyes Makeup Workshop!

Extra Eyeshadow Tips and Tricks

  1. Sometimes a simple wash of colour all over your lid is enough for you to sparkle. Be brave, try a fun colour.

  2. The darker the shade, the more it will give depth to your eyes. Placing darker shades on the outer 1/3 of your eye gives you more of a “cat eye” sexy look.

  3. If you have deep set eyes, keep colours sparkly and light.

  4. If you have hooded eyes, light colours on your brow bone will make the hooding more obvious. Your eyes will look droopier – not really the look we are going for. Avoid shimmer on the upper third of your eyelid!

  5. Take a shimmery gold, sparkly pink or glowy champagne colour and pop a little on the inner corners of your eyes for instant Holiday Party Sparkle.

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Happy shopping ladies .. wishing you all a magnificent Christmas.

Love Amanda x

PS Still need a little help mastering your eyeshadow? Join me for a Makeup class in 2020. Click here for upcoming Makeup Class dates and click here for Gift Vouchers (makes the perfect last minute Gift!)


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