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How should a 40+ year old wear makeup?

My professional answer to this question? A woman over 40 should wear her makeup how ever she bloomin’ well chooses and wear whatever makes her feel good!

How should a 40 plus year old wear makeup

And to prove it, I've created a glam makeup look for women over 40 to inspire you, my beautiful friend, to get out of your makeup rut and play with a dash of colour.

Okay so this look requires a little more time and effort - she’s not a 5 minute job - but she is still super easy to achieve! The hero of the show is a blue eyeliner and some colourful blue eyeshadow (optional, but I’ll bet you’ve something fun rolling around in your makeup drawer that you could pull out and use!)

How to DO a glam, blue & silver makeup look for over 40s

Part 1: THE prep

Now if you've been following you will know that I am a big advocate of skin prep. Good skin prep is the foundation to better looking makeup over 40. If you have the prep side of your routine done and dusted you can skip straight to Part 2 (the Makeup). If you're new to the concept of skin prep or are looking for some product inspiration then stay right here sister.

Skin Prep for Dry/Normal Skin click here Skin Prep for Oily/Combo Skin, click here

Step 1. TEETH whitening

Teeth whitening can really lift your look

Okay not technically skin, but have you ever considered whitening your teeth? It might sound a little scary, but ladies it has got way easier and restoring those pearly whites to their natural glory is a great way to really lift your look - especially if you are a coffee and red wine drinker (guilty as charged). And if you're a red lippy lover, trust me it will make your favourite shade of red look extra fab. I recently discovered WhiteGlo Teeth Whitening DIY Kit which can be done WHILE YOU GET READY! Game changing.


A hydrating mist and a plumping serum will help create a smoother base for over 40s makeup

Before you apply your makeup I highly recommend applying a hydrating mist followed by a plumping serum, it will help create a smoother base for your makeup. For this look I used the Antipodes Ananda Antioxidant-Rich Gentle Toner followed by the Jojoba Co Ultimate Serum, but I also love the Clemence Organics Tone + Hydrate Mist and Antipodes Hosanna Hydrating Serum for this.

Step 3. Apply Moisturiser

A water-based moisturiser that works really well for dehydrated mature skin

I used the super lightweight and bouncy Antipodes Baptise H20 Ultra-Hydrating Water Gel to give my skin the final bit of hydration and juice up your skin. This is a fab water-based product that suits all skin types and is especially great for dehydrated skin.

Part 2. THE Makeup

Ok now your skin is looking fab, it's time for the fun part - the makeup (yay). This look is easy to do, but if you're used to my 5-minute makeup routines, you'll find there are a few extra steps to help you glam up.

Step 4. Apply primer

Amanda Ramsay applies a primer that is perfect for over 40s skin

Hydrating and Glowing primer. I used Runway Room's First Base to complement the foundation. Primer is not for everyone, but a great primer will give you radiant, smooth glowing and radiant skin. What's not to love? Leave this to set for 30 seconds before moving on to your next step.

Step 5. Apply silver eye crayon

Using my bestselling smudge-proof mii Cosmetics Forever Eye Crayon in Pewter, I applied the crayon to by eyelids and then the edge of my lower lashes and then blended it with the Makeup Weapons Fluffy Pointed Blending Brush. The shade Oyster is a great alternative, if you prefer something a little lighter in colour.

Step 6. Apply MATTE brown Eyeshadow

Amanda Ramsay a over 40s makeup expert holds an eye shadow palette

I chose a matt, brown eye shadow but any cool mid-tone brown will do the trick, and applied it over the top of the silvery eye crayon, using the Makeup Weapons Detail Brush, blending them together for a more smokey look. A Bronzer also works well for this. Try Ere Perez Rice Powder Bronzer in Roma.

Step 7. Apply bright (blue) eye shadow

Amanda Ramsay points to a bright blue eye shadow

Now for the pop! I used this gorgeous 80s inspired blue eyeshadow, but if you don't have blue, this would work just as well with another bright colour like purple or turquoise. Just be sure to pick a vibrant shade, something that pushes you out of your comfort zone! I applied it to my eyelid with my finger.

Step 8. Apply bright eye pencil

Apply a blue eye pencil for maximum impact

Now, for maximum impact, I applied a bright, complementary eye pencil to my lower lash-line. I love the Eye of Horus Goddess Eye Pencil in Sapphire or Ere Perez Jojoba Eyeliner in Cerulean for this step.

Step 9. Apply setting spray

A setting spray will hold your over 40s makeup in place.

To hold all that beautiful eye colour in place I recommend a quick squirt of setting spray. Here I used the Holme Beauty Setting Spray, but I also recommend Ere Perez Herbal Tonic Setting Spray by the gorgeous clean beauty brand Ere Perez.

Step 10. Apply foundation

Blend your foundation with a good quality foundation brush.

In winter my skin is a little paler than usual, so for this look, I mixed two shades to get the perfect match - Runway Room Face Base Foundation in shades B and C. I then blended it in with the Makeup Weapons Dome Foundation Brush.

Step 11. Apply concealer

Use concealer on any areas that need a bit of extra coverage.

Next I applied concealer to that pesky under eye area and to my nose to cover a bit of redness I had there and then blended it it with my Pointed Detail Brush. Here I used my Dior Concealer, but I also recommend the beautiful Rageism Beauty Correcting Concealer for this step.

Step 12. Apply Black Mascara

Amanda Ramsay applies a black mascara

Now for the final part of the eyes, black mascara. I used mii Cosmetics Feature Length Lash Lover Mascara, but any black mascara will do.

Step 13. Apply highlighter

Adding a highlighter will really amp up the glow  for over 40s skin

Now to really amp up the glow (and glam), I applied a highlighter to my cheeks, for this I love the mii Cosmetics Light Loving Intensity Liquid Luminser in Hypnotic Heroine, then applied a second round of setting spay to keep everything in place.

Step 14. Apply Brow GEL

Don't forget your brows. A quick application of gel will help you achieve a more polished look

Often forgotten, but a well done brown will really bring your look together. I used the mii Cosmetics Sculpting Brow Builder in Fair.

Step 15. Apply Lip Liner and Lipstick

Amanda Ramsay applies a nude coloured lipstick

Now this look is all about they eyes, so I recommend a nude or neutral lip. We don't want to take the attention away from those gorgeous peepers. For this look I lined my lips with Kylie's Profession Lip Pencil in Earthy (the perfect nude), going just outside my lip line to create a bit of extra fullness and and then applied Runway Room Lipstick in Librarian.

And that's it. Phew. I bit of extra work but totally worth it! Now off you go. Time to shine!

Learn the makeup basics

Want to learn all the basics for your makeup over the age of 40, 50, 60, 70 and beyond? Sign up to The Online Makeup Masterclass for women over 40. It’s my step by step video tutorial series that arms em you with all the skills to prep your skin, choose the right products for your skin now, apply foundation, mascara, eyeliner, blush, concealer and more!

That's all from me for now.

Keep shining bright ladies.

Amanda Ramsay is a multi-award winning, over 40s makeup artist. You can find out more about her here


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