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Glowing healthy Summer skin, that's what today's Lunchtime Live inspiration session for women over 40 is all about. Click here to watch the full video. Featuring some of my absolute fave Holiday Gifting Kits I walk you through 4 magnificent kits specifically geared for women over 40, that help you achieve glowy, healthy luminous Summer skin. Plus learn how to use each product and beauty tool with confidence. I have a huge variety of Chrissy gifts available which I wont get time to share but check them out here in my Holiday Gift Guide Lets get organised for Christmas, it's only 7 weeks away! Lets get gifting sisters.

Sweet Orange Balancing Cleanser is a purifying deep cleansing gel formulated to clean and balance oily and combination skin. Papaya Extract, Desert Lime and Mountain Pepper Leaf assists with hormonal acne and breakouts while Lactic Acid and Fruit Acids effectively remove excess sebum, make-up and impurities for a fresh and luminous appearance. Just what you need to keep looking fresh over the festive Summer season! This gentle gel cleanser is suitable for normal to combination to oily skin types (it's not one for our dry-skinned Sisters, click here to find a hydrating option for dry skin). The La Mav Organics Balancing Cleanser is just perfect to pop in the shower for the whole family to use - the blokes and the teens will love it too. Smells super fresh and leaves your skin smooth and beautifully clean.

  • Apply one pump directly to moist skin.

  • Gently massage all over face and neck area using circular motions.

  • Rinse off with lukewarm water or damp soft cotton cleansing pad.

  • Use morning and night.

Use these along with your cleanser or simply by themselves with water, these 3 padded, velvety and soft reusable makeup cleansing pads are a must have for all lovers of beauty. Say goodbye to the 'one use' cotton pads. These soft and luscious pads can be washed and reused up to 200 times! And in this pack you receive 3!!!! So they are an investment that will last you all year round. Good for the environment - GREAT for your skin!

Simply -

  • Soak remover pad in into running water

  • Put a small pea sized amount of cleanser on the pad or you can just use water

  • Wash off makeup softly. You do not need to rub your face hardly.

  • When removing eye makeup, allow pad to stay on the face and press softly for 5-10 seconds.

  • Hand wash remover pad and use up too 200 times!


Next this carefully curated duo is sure to have your skin luminous as well as hydrated and bright. Both these products are stunning in their own right but paired together they make the most amazing duo! In this pack you receive the best seller Mohi Facial Everlasting Facial Elixir the Wild Rose Botanical Mist along with a limited edition Mohi Lip + Eye Elixir AND a La Mav Beauty Tea.

Get in quick, these packs are sure to be a sell out! Suited for ALL skin types, this is an ideal gift! Although, you may not want to let these beauties go! An easy, everyday application, following these steps will have you or your loved one's skin looking and feeling healthy and radiant.

  • Firstly shake gently then mist Wild Rose generously over cleansed skin before and after applying your serum. This mist can also be used anytime of the day to freshen up and hydrate the skin.

  • Next gently shake the Mohi Elixir. Massage 4-5 drops into damp skin or mix with a few drops of water. Can be used day and night.

  • Next the Eye + Lip Elixir Apply 1 drop to your fingertip and gently massage around circumference of the orbital bone and across the upper lip.

This absolutely beautiful set from La Mav, is sure to be the favourite in the gifting this year. From the younger folk to the older, the experienced and non, this is a gift that keeps on giving. Often people are not sure of how to use these luxurious tools (watch the video to learn how). A gua sha and facial roller is incredibly simple and the effects using these tools is AMAZING!! In just 5 - 10 minutes the Gua Sha and Facial Roller benefits include:

  • Relaxing Facial massage (forcing you and your tired old muscles to relax)

  • Pssst ... Botox is a muscle relaxer, catch my drift?

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Increases blood flow and circulation

  • Improves Lymphatic drainage

Just follow these simple steps which are included in the pack as well -

  1. Apply your favourite oil (The Luminous Skin Duo is perfect for this!).

  2. Gently but firmly, starting from the neck, move the roller / gua sha in an outward & upward motion.

  3. From the centre of the face, repeat this motion 3 times on your jawline, lower cheek, cheekbones.

  4. Repeat steps on the other half of the face.

  5. To clean the tools, wipe surface with a damp towel & dry afterwards.

  6. Add this as the final step of your day or night time beauty routine - treat it as a relaxing facial massage and watch your skin glow!


So now you are all luminous and radiant in your face, but we cant forget the rest of our body now can we! If you're glowing and luminous on your face, the body needs to match (and she will thankyou for nourishing her too, your skin needs hydration, and vitamin rich goodness too)

Say hello to the Clemence Body Gift pack. This pack has all your body essentials - a divine smelling, nourishing body oil, a hand and body cream + the award-winning multi-tasking SOS Balm. All this comes in a cute red toiletry bag, perfect for those upcoming holidays! Plus you'll get some free skincare samples and a BONUS SOS mini tin! Simple, 100% natural, Australian-owned and made, #ladystartup. Easy but oh so luxurious!

who doesn't love a freebie!

With these Holiday Gifting Packs I am so happy to be able to gift you a FREE La Mav's delicious and uplifting Beauty Tea's. Each of these teas are full of antioxidants, vitamins and nourishing ingredients. You (if you can bare to let it go) or your loved one will be wowed by the flavour and results of this beautiful tea to your skin and overall well being.

I am so excited for Christmas and all the things that come along with it! After the year that's been, I am definitely in the need for some festive fun with all my family & friends. I hope these beautiful and carefully curated gift ideas help you with your shopping list. Or just a gift to yourself for making it through 2021!!!

If you have any questions you can reach me at

Keep Shining Bright

Love Amanda x

PS - Keen to learn how-to use all these amazing products? Check out The Shine Sessions. Your Members Only Makeup Masterclass Series, The Shine Sessions, we will cut through the anti-aging BS, demystify the minefield of products, remove the overwhelm and anxiety that can grip you in the beauty departments, simplify the mass of confusion over what you need, what you don't need, and all the marketing fluff to deliver you, the BEST makeup class experience that has ever been for you mature skinned Beauties. Buckle up Beauties, this ground-breaking online makeup course will have you rocking your makeup like a Pro, and empowering you to rock on at every age.


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