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EASY 5-step Evening Skincare Routine

A simple and effective step-by-step you can do in your sleep

Hi! I'm Amanda Ramsay @amandaramsaymakeup your over 40s makeup expert and I'm going to give you my step-by-step evening skin care routine for fresh, glowing, hydrated skin, using the Australian owned and made certified organic skin care range from Clemence Organics (you can check out their range here). Let's do it!

The number one rule here is: do not go to bed in your makeup! Your skin does SO much of it's repairing overnight so you want to go to bed with clean skin.


I use Clemence Organics Refining Cleanser. It's hydrating, cooling, soothing – and it does a really good job of removing all the day's pollutants plus your makeup and sunscreen, that you've had on during the day. Make sure your hands are nice and damp, pump a couple of pumps into wet hands and start gently massaging. It smells heavenly – it's got rose, geranium and patchouli. Then take your Clemence Organics Bamboo washcloth and get all that makeup off. And for me, because I do wear sunscreen every day, so should you, I like to do a double cleanse at night. So I do it again. Wet hands, same process. Just one pump. One more go just to make sure that we've removed the makeup and now we're just giving our pores a good but gentle clean so that whatever we put on next has an opportunity to go in a little more deeply. Using a warm face cloth, gently wash everything away. Your skin should feel fresh, not tight and that’s why I love to use the Clemence Organics Refining Cleanser, because it's very gentle and hydrating.

Tip! After cleansing, wash your wash cloth with a gentle, natural hand wash or body wash and give the washcloth a clean, rinse it out and hang it up to dry. Use it a couple of times and then throw it in the washing machine. It's good to have a couple of those so you can rotate your washcloths. Just don't forget to wash it out after you've used it.


At night time, I really love to use the Clemence Organics Tone and Hydrate spray. I find the pure Rose hydrosol extremely hydrating, soothing and fresh. Give yourself a good old douse in that because your serum really likes damp skin. So this is hydrating, soothing and cleaning your skin as well, but also preparing it for the serums. The Rose water hydrosol called tone and hydrate really helps to balance the pH levels of your skin. It's a natural antibacterial and it preps your skin for the next step of hydration, which is your serum.


The next step is Clemence Organics Repair Face Serum. This is packed with Rose hip oil, which will really help to improve your skin's elasticity. It's a bit like a multi-vitamin shot for your skin.Winning! So we're massaging that in everywhere and don't forget your neck and chest/décolletage. Really massage that beautifully. Anything that's left over, don't waste it, rub it into the backs of your hands because they cop so much sun. You've got calendula to really help soothe inflammation. I tend to put a couple of drops into the palm of my hand with a squirt of the tone and hydrate spray, and then start massaging that into damp skin. The Rose Otto oil will help with reducing inflammation. It's a natural antiseptic and natural astringent so it helps with acne prone skin. Heaven knew, at our age that we'd still be getting those hormonal breakouts absolutely when you're going through menopause or peri-menopause. This is beautiful because it is soothing, reducing inflammation and helping with any of those random breakouts as well. It's rich in Amigas. Vitamins A, C and E. That's why I nicknamed a multivitamin shot for your skin.


On to step 4: Clemence Organics Ultimate Face Crème. This is a delicious product. Again, it's cooling, soothing, super hydrating. You only need a green pea sized amount. It’s very potent and concentrated so a little bit goes a really long way. This is going to nourish hydrate and stimulate your skins rejuvenation overnight. Packed with hyaluronic acid. You're getting epic hydration and you've got the organic Rose Otto oil again, which is your natural astringent and your natural antiseptic so will help with soothing calming and reducing inflammation in your skin overnight. You want to go to bed with your skin looking dewy, fresh and glowy, but still feel slightly tacky – like a glazed doughnut! Your Ultimate Face Crème is packed with Jojoba oil, Shea butter, Rose hip oil, Calendula, Hyaluronic Acid, all delicious ingredients that will help rejuvenate and regenerate your skin overnight and make sure it's beautifully hydrated for the morning.


This is something that I would do once or twice a week to help with cell proliferation. To help that dead cell build up on my skin to go away. It’s the Clemence Organics two-in-one exfoliant masks. It's nice and fresh to let those new, healthy new skin cells appear. It uses organic Rose hip seed granules plus organic Shea butter and macadamia oil to help hydrate and nourish your skin.. It's a physical exfoliant which will stimulate the skin renewal and get rid of those dead skin cells. The night clay detoxifies and draws out any gunk and clarifies the appearance of your skin. Hyaluronic acid to help with hydration, as well as supporting the collagen synthesis. That's why I love the Clemence Organics range because it is so packed with hyaluronic acid to really support the hydration of your skin.

Tip! You can use it two ways: One is just a quick exfoliant, maybe once or twice a week, and the other is to use it once a week as a deeper treatment mask on damp skin after you've used your cleanser. A blob with some water and you want to massage that all over your skin. For a deeper mask, just leave it on for an extra couple of minutes. Then of course you just wash it off with your washcloth in some lovely warm, not hot, water and then carry on with your Tone + Hydrate spray, your Repair Serum, and then your Face Creme.

So that's my Clemence Organics evening skincare routine. Plus I've given you the bonus step that you're going to do once or twice a week for an exfoliant and a little bit longer to get the treatment mask.

To watch a quick tutorial of this Evening Skincare Routine with the Clemence Organics products - click here.

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