The senile wart needs a rebrand.

The day I was told I had a senile wart aged 47. According to the Australasian College of Dermatologists a senile wart - "also know as age warts, age spots, brown warts, liver spots - is a Seborrhoeic keratoses. A benign “wart-like” growth on the skin. Seborrhoeic keratoses affect all racial groups and most commonly appear after the age of 40 years although some people may develop them earlier".

mature skin woman

Photo: Me, Amanda Ramsay, aged 47, the day of the senile wart announcement.

Excuse me, did you say senile warts most commonly develop after age 40? I have news for you , I am far from senile. My customers and clients aged 40, 50, 60+ are far from senile. Senile, by definition is having or showing the weaknesses or diseases of old age, especially a loss of mental faculties. Now my senile wart (pictured below) is benign and nothing to worry about. They may look weird but they are not cancerous, nor a danger to your health, but folks it feels so MEAN to call it a senile wart. What a god-awful name for something really quite harmless. Gah!

senile wart treatment

Photo: Said "senile wart" after liquid nitrogen blasting.

Senile warts are usually raised above the surface of the skin and appear to be "stuck on" or look a little like a skin tag. They can occur in varying shades of pink and brown from light to very dark. The surface of seborrhoeic keratoses can feel rough and warty. Oh the joys.

senile warts on hands

Photo: Apparently these pinkish "freckles" are also a type of senile wart, liver/age spots.

Mine was a small raised bump, with a pinkish colour. My late mother h