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6 products that helped heal my sensitised skin

Makeup can be a powerful tool for helping us look and feel great, but at different stages in our lives we all encounter problems with our skin - me included.

In fact, the main reason I started my online shop was because I found that so many products just didn’t work for us ladies with wrinkles, crinkles, redness and sensitivity.

Goodbye old faves

In my late 30’s I developed perioral dermatitis which could become quite itchy, red and uncomfortable. Products I’d used forever were suddenly making my skin “zingy”, a little stingy, and my skin became quite reactive and sensitive. Hello compromised skin barrier!

Hello new skin savers

So, I sought out products that not only perform at a professional makeup level, but also calmed, soothed, and nurtured skin. Products that delivered fabulous glowing skin but that also promoted healing from brands that really care about skin health and look beyond the “quick fix for fast results”

Here are the products that have been integral to healing my sensitised skin, and calming my perioral dermatitis (while also leaving my skin looking healthy and luminous):

Keep Shining Bright


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