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5 secrets to fuller looking lips and longer lasting lipstick for over 40's

longer lasting lipstick for over 40's

The good news. Lipstick is a quick solution to lifting your mood and looking like you’ve got your act together. A simple pick-me-up for the time poor. Photo above: @nudebynature

The bad news. Your lips are shrinking with age. Lips begin to thin for the same reason your skin sags: a natural decline in collagen. Hence the mad dash for injectables and fillers. Unless you follow my 5 secrets to fuller looking lips and longer lasting lipstick for women over 40. 5 secrets, 5 steps. Fuller looking lips.

how to get fuller looking lips

We can’t all have Sophie Monk or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s incredible full lips. The simple, non-invasive answer is genuinely hydrating lipsticks and lip balms that treat and inject moisture into your lips. Given the average woman eats half a kilo of lipstick a year, an 100% natural formula packed with hydrating plant ingredients is the way to go.

longer lasting lipstick tricks for mature women

But I know, you want your lipsticks to stay all day and you’re questioning whether natural formulas can deliver, right? They absolutely can. It’s all about layering and finding a pigment-rich lipstick.



I know this may seem obvious but top secret tip, lather on a deeply moisturising lip balm regularly. Wait a few minutes or blot the lip balm with a tissue before Step 2.


Start with a stain all over your lips.


Line your lips and colour them in with the liner. For fuller looking lips, use a nude coloured lip pencil and ever-so-slightly line outside your lip line.


Slick on a lipstick with a colour that packs a punch.


Line the outside border of your lips again. (Fun fact, this is called your vermilion line)

fuller looking lips for women over 40


Ideally you match your lipliner to your lipstick.

Every girl should have at least a nude lipliner and a red in your beauty bag.

In the interest of “keeping it simple” - my personal mantra - a nude liner works with all colours and you really need a red liner under most reds.

lipstick tips for mature woman


Generally, cool skin undertone suits bluer pinkish raspberry, wine and vampy style reds. Warmer undertone skin suits orangey or brick reds.

Want to know w quick way to figure out whether you're cool or warm undertone? Click here

And yes, there really is a red lipstick for everyone. It’s just a matter of trying a bunch on. Come to a Makeup Masterclass or Glamorous Eye + Luscious Lip Workshop to learn more.

red lipstick tricks for over 40's



A 100% natural lip balm with SPF, it's a no brainer and a must-have for your hand bag.


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lip balm with SPF for women over 40


Long lasting cherry red or fuchsia pink tint for lips, yes, made with beetroot.

$34. Available in 2 colours, Joy and Fun.

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lip stain for women over 40


The perfect nude. Line ever so slightly outside of your lipline to give the illusion of fuller lips.


nude lip liner pencil for women over 40

LIPSTICK An All -Australian natural or mineral lipstick line up. Below are suggestions covering the spectrum: nude, coral, fuschia and red.

A 100% natural party themed lipstick made from moisturising olive oil that’s a full coverage delicious hot pink and flatters everyone. You’ll be the talk of the party.


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hot pink lipstick for women over 40

Ere Perez lipstick in High Tea If hot pink isn’t your speed, try High Tea, a vibrant and punchy coral.


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coral lipstick for women over 40

This banging vibrant red is highly pigmented and velvety. Shea butter, coconut oil and jojoba hydrate your lips. Don’t be put off by the matte description – it’s not totally flat, still has a beautiful sheen to it.


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red lipstick for women over 40

A creamy textured lipstick from Gold Coast vegan brand loaded with jojoba oil and shea butter. With a hint of apricot, the perfect nude.


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nude lipstick for women aged 40 plus

Check out my Love Your Lips feature in the October 2019 issue of Get It magazine.

lipstick tips for mature women

Hands-on practical makeup classes for women aged over 40.

Click the link here to find out more. All makeup classes include:

✅Beauty Gift Bag valued at over $120

✅Expert guidance from experienced over 40's makeup artist

✅Healthy treats + glass of bubbles

✅Supportive small group class of women over 40

✅Master your eye makeup, yes even with crinkly eyelids and failing eyesight

✅Celebrate your ageing face and feel fabulous about eye makeup again

✅Find the right lipstick and eyeshadow colours to enhance your features

✅Choose the right lipstick colour,

✅Choose the right lipstick formulation for you,

✅How to line your lips to prevent lipstick bleed,

✅Correctly line your lips to create a fuller looking lip that appears natural and

✅Ensure your pout looks perky and happy

We can't wait to work with you. Here's to looking fabulous and feeling amazing with a little makeup know-how. So what are you waiting for CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW.

Rock on Sisters!

With love and luscious lips

Amanda xxx


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