5 high performance low-tox makeup brands you need to know about.

5 Low tox makeup brands you need to know about (that won't break the bank).

Low tox makeup is having a moment. Natural makeup has well and truly lifted it's game. And people, it is here to stay. We are spoilt for choice with low-tox makeup brands that won't break the bank.

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Here are 5 low tox makeup brands that you need to know about:

Kylie's Professional Mineral Goddess

Award winning high performance makeup range from experienced Gold Coast Professional Makeup Artist and Hairdresser Kylie Eustace. I call Kylie's Professional Mineral Goddess range the "MAC Cosmetics" of clean, low-tow makeup. Every product in this range - eyeshadows, blush, bronzer, foundations - is highly-pigmented. A little goes a long way and packs some serious colour-tastic punch!

Some of my favourite products from Kylie's Professional Mineral Goddess range are:

* Kylie's Cream Foundation

* Kylie's Loose mineral eyeshadows

* Kylie's The Transformer (will waterproof your eyeshadow, making it stay all day)

* Kylie's Eye & Lip Primer (perfect for those of us with the dreaded bleeding lipline)

* Kylie's Lipliner and Kylie's Eyeliners

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Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics

Mexican born Sydney-ite Ere Perez is fast becoming a global brand to be reckoned with. This brand has completely exploded and is loved by makeup artists. Ere Perez's lipsticks are to die for, deliciously creamy and highly-pigmented, they will truly nourish your lips.

Some of my favourite products from the Ere Perez range are:

Ere Perez Vanilla Highlighter in 'Falling Star'

Ere Perez Bronzer Oat Milk Foundation.

Ere Perez Beetroot Cheek + Lip Stain in 'Fun'.

Ere Perez Carrot Pots Lip to Cheek.

Ere Perez Avocado Waterproof Black Mascara.

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INIKA Organic

Australian certified organic and award-winning makeup range that is now a global brand. INIKIA Organic was seen behind the scenes at New York Fashion week October 2018. A low tox makeup range that is really focused on the natural makeup look.

Some of my favourite products from the INIKA Organic makeup range are:

INIKA Bronzer in Sunkissed. Click HERE to buy.

INIKA Mineral Mattifying Powder. Click HERE to buy.

INIKA Organic Eyeliners. Click HERE to buy.

INIKA Organic Brow pencils. Click HERE to buy

INIKA Organic Mascara. Click HERE to buy.

INIKA Organic Lipliner. Click HERE to buy.

La Mav Organic

Australia's first certified organic anti-ageing skincare range has a handful of really good affordable makeup products.

My favourite product from the La Mav Organic makeup is:

La Mav BB Cream in Medium A fantastic option for oily skin types or those who like a more "satin" finish (less glowy than the Gemma Vendetta)

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Karen Murrell Lipsticks

Available in Priceline, Karen Murrell has made low-tox lipsticks super accessible for all. At under $30 these 100% natural, no-nastie lippy's are Deliciously creamy, highly-pigmented for a flash colour pay off. These lipsticks smell and taste delish.

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Naturally I have my favourite products within each range. As we are all different, getting the right products for you is a craft I've carefully honed over 17 years as a professional makeup artist working in the commercial industry.

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Love and low-tox love

Amanda x

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