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5 fabulous beauty tips for breathing life back into dehydrated skin.

You like to party. Perhaps you're busy ferrying everyone else around to party. Whatever you're situation there ain't no escaping dehydrated lacklustre skin when you're patying a little too hard or running yourself ragged. You might as well succumb to the champagne, glorious food, late nights, social follies, endless festivities and yes, more champagne. My 5 fabulous makeup tips for saving your skin and surviving the party season whilst keeping you looking perky.

makeup tips to survive party season

Even when you feel like you’re dragging your butt to the finish line, the 5 makeup tips below will have you looking fresh this silly season.


Take your makeup off at night.

Simple but effective. Pump some cream cleanser onto a cotton pad and wipe the day, and your makeup, away. Don't reach for those single use wipes. Yes they're cheap but they are pretty nasty and harsh on your skin. Single use makeup wipes will further dehydrate and dry your skin. And seriously, it really takes no longer to pump a hydrating, nutrient rich cleanser onto a cotton pad and wipe the day away.

Simplicite sundew face cleansing milk

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Plump up & hydrate your skin.

All that boozing, all those late nights equal fun and dehydrated you. For a quick pick me up, plump up and rehydrate your skin. Try skincare serums that have juicy ingredients with instant results like hyaluronic acid and peptides both at bedtime and in the morning before applying makeup.

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Edible Beauty Ageless face serum

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Edible Beauty collagen face serum

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Mukti organic face serum

Try a sheet mask. They're fun as you can frighten your kids or fur-babies while making your cup of tea in the morning whilst your skin luxuriates under an 100% natural, biodegradable, ingredient rich mask.

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Edible Beauty face sheet masks

Try wrinkles schminkles under eye pads. If you haven't given these super well-priced miracle workers yet, now is the time. Pop one under each eye and drift off to sleep. Wake up, presto, crinkley wrinkles be gone. Brilliant, re useable little gems.

I LOVE ... wrinkles schminkles Eye Smoothing Kit

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Use a setting spray to prep, set and freshen up.

Move away from powder. On dehydrated skin it just serves to create a Cakey Mc Cake Cake finish to your makeup. A quick spritz of a makeup setting spray will not only prep, set & freshen up your makeup it will hydrate your skin. Click here to read my blog story on prepping and priming your skin.

I LOVE ... Ere Perez Herbal Face Tonic

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facial makeup setting spray for over 40s


White or shimmery gold eyeshadow

Dab and blend a little white, shimmery champagne, soft gold in the inner corners of your eyes... Hello! 8 hours sleep. Reduces the appearance of bloodshot eyes and brightens you right up. Fresh.

I LOVE ... Kylie's Professional Mineral makeup loose eyeshadows Try Pearl or Dream.

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Kylies professional mineral makeup eyeshadow


Bright/vibrant lipstick

Nothing says "Hello, I've got this" or "What hangover?" quite like a vibrant lipstick. Plus it's quick and easy to do when you're flying by the seat of your pants. Never. Enough. Time.

I LOVE ... Kylie's Professional Mineral makeup lipstick in Fever.

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Apply my top 5 makeup tips for surviving the silly season and you'll be looking fresh even when you may not be totally feeling it. Wishing you a frolicking, fabulous Festive season.


Amanda and the Secrets from a Beauty Insider team



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