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How to choose the right eyeshadow colour for you.

Wondering what eyeshadow colours will suit you the best? Here's a simplified guide to point you in the right direction next time you're scoping out the beauty department looking for that perfect eyeshadow colour to make your peepers pop. Often you'll find eyeshadow "quads" that are designed for your eye colour, and the beauty of a quad is, it keeps things simple.


Blue Eyes

Your best eyeshadow shades are

Bright gold, peach, charcoal

Green Eyes

Your best eyeshadow shades are

Coppery rusts, warm bronze, electric violet

Brown eyes

You guys are a little bit spoiled. Most colours will compliment your eyes. You look awesome in everything. But you're best eyeshadow shades are:

Bronzey gold, dark plum, navy blue.

Hazel eyes

Your best eyeshadow shades are

Soft bronze, dark gold, earthy olive green


Then you need to consider whether you choose a "cooler" or a "warmer" shade.

The shadows on the top row are COOL browns and the shadows on the bottom row are WARM browns. The cooler tone has a bluer base. The warmer tone a redder base.

In the photos above, LEFT are cool shades and RIGHT are warm shades

Cooler tones suit cooler eye colours but you also need to contemplate your hair and skin colour.

For example, I've got warm green eyes + cool toned blonde hair + warm toned fair skin.

I can get away with warm and cool shades on my eyes. However warmer tones do make my eyes POP the most. Does that make sense?

⭐️ Warm eye colour + warm hair/skin colour = go for a warm eyeshadow

⭐️ Warm eye colour + cool hair colour = go for either warm or cool but warm shades will have you ROCKING it harder.

⭐️ Cool eye colour + cool hair colour = go for a cool eyeshadow

⭐️ Cool eye colour + warm hair colour = go for either but cooler shades will add that extra KAPOW power to your eyes.


Now you're ready to bring out the best in your eyes. Play. Have fun. If you want recommendations for what products are right for you, book an 'Ask Amanda' session. These 30 minute personal one-on-one sessions are hosted via FaceTime or Skype. You can ask me anything makeup and beauty related and I can guide you to finding the right products for you. So when you're ready to hit the beauty counters, you're armed with a list of exactly what you need. No more wasting money on products that aren't right for you.

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With love and smokin' eyes,

Amanda x

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