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Sensitive skin rehab - my top 10 picks.

It is the season for dry skin. Winter plays havoc with most skin types but it's more than the effects of the colder drier weather that are ruffling our feathers. Sensitivity is something I see increasingly in my clients. Inflammation, irritation and dehydration. Ayurvedic medicine suggests that we have entered our "Vata' dominant life stage - the dry, rough nature of vata can cause dry skin and poorly lubricated tissues. Sensitivity and dryness seem to go hand in hand at our age.

Given we over-40's grew up in the era of harsh-chemicals-in-our-skincare, stripping skin of all it's resilience it's not surprising that here we are years later with sensitised skin. Even those (like me) who can generally tolerate high doses of active ingredients are the owners of newfound sensitivity.

Photo credit: The totally incredibly captivating talent, Vanessa Davis aka The Skulltress

So ladies, it's time for sensitive skin rehab.

My top 10 favourites for nurturing and rehabilitating your skin to plump, delicious health through providing the nutrition your skin needs (along with some awesome potent active ingredients for us pro-ageing advocates who want to look more youthful!)


Ocinium certified organic Australian cosmeceutical brand provides potent formulations designed for real change in your skin. This boutique organic skincare line is created by a naturopath and cosmetic chemist with a deep understanding of what skin needs to function optimally.

OUR VERDICT These products pack a punch. This cleanser is heaven. It's luxurious, silky and moisturising yet loaded with AHA's and papain enzymes which gently slough away dead skin cells. I love using it. Great for all skin types.

Click HERE to buy.

Type AMANDARAMSAY in the comments at checkout for FREE samples with your purchase.

$63.20 for 250ml

The Founder os Simplicite, an Australian family-owned brand of 25 years, is a clinical naturopath who spent years treating skin cancer and sun damaged skin at the Royal Brisbane Hospital. All Simplicite products use highly concentrated, plant-derived ingredients that are medicinal grade, OGA certified organically grown, or handpicked in the wild. These guys are legit. What makes Simplcite truly unique, is that the business owners are so accessible. Robin Lyons - one of the owners of Simplicite - is on the end of the phone to guide you through what you need. This access and service is dead-set bloody amazing.

OUR VERDICT Sundew Cleansing Milk is a gentle milk cleanser that deeply hydrates and comforts dry, sensitive skin. It soothes and calms redness. I use this cleansing milk in my classes as it effectively removes makeup, is gentle yet powerful enough to remove eye makeup and suits all.

MAKEUP PRO TIP Use to remove eye makeup. Choose this over a specific eye makeup remover every day of the week. It's gentle, hydrating and won't strip your delicate skin.

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Use the code amandaramsay10 and save 10% on your first order.


$36.30 for 125ml

OUR VERDICT A gentle facial toning spray formulated for combination/dry, oily skin and one for normal/dry skin. Both hydrate, refresh and calm skin. These antibacterial and soothing facial sprays are essential for the absorption of nutrients in face oils.


Robin Lyons from Simplicite reminds me that ultimately how your skin was when you were younger is still the right range for you. Surface dehydration can muddy the waters. Had oily skin as a teen? Choose the combination/oily skin option.

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Use the code amandaramsay10 and save 10% on your first order.

Award winning certified organic skincare range Clemence is formulated by Naturopath Bridget Camady. Bridget's story really resonated with me. She lost both her father and sister to cancer. Her passion for nurturing health and reducing cancer risk wherever possible is weaved into the fabric of the brand. When the skin absorbs around 60-80% of what we put on it, we need to take that seriously.


Clemence Tone + Hydrate Spritz helps restore and maintain your skin's delicate mantel. This is so important for healthy, resilient skin. While this hydrating spritz is a natural antiseptic, it's anti inflammatory properties really help you with acne, inflammation and/or skin redness.


Get spritzing to help set and refresh your makeup throughout the day.

Click HERE to buy.


All hail a good quality facial oil. The best antidote to stressed out, dehydrated dry skin.

PRO TIP Always mix your facial oil with a couple drops of water to help with absorption.

$55 for 15 ml

Boosts your skins production of collagen and elastin, brightens your complexion plus regenerate cells for instantaneously smoother and brighter skin.


Danielle was fielding compliments after just 1 week of use. Suits a more oily/combination skin type prone to hormonal breakouts. I'm super keen to try their Green Tea Facial oil.

Click HERE to buy.

Type AMANDARAMSAY in the comments at checkout for FREE samples with your purchase.

55ml for $43.20


Simplicite Rosewood Face Oil is perfect for normal, dry skin. The Rosewood regenerates & rehydrates skin, reduces sensitivity. Bronwyn and I LOVE this product so much. We can't get enough of it.

Sage Face Oil uses Lemon which soothes & purifies bacteria, Lavender balances oil production & reduces scarring, Australian Sandalwood helps reduce redness. Sage Face Oil hydrates without congestion - so necessary but rarely found by combination, oily and breakout skin types. Danielle's skin LOVES this product!

Click HERE to buy.

Use the code amandaramsay10 and save 10% on your first order.


$120 for 50ml


I think to say we are obsessed with this moisturising day cream would be an understatement. A delightful moisturiser that packs a serious anti-ageing punch. It has the big guns - Vitamin C , Retinol Vitamin A and Gotu Kola. This cream is more than just a pretty face.

$46.30 for 55 gm


This Simplicite Damask Rose ‘super creme’ has saved our sensitive skin. If you want to priortise one product this would be it. It's an ideal treatment for normal, dry and sensitive skin types. Damask Rose Day Creme gave outstanding results for repairing and soothing our sensitive skin conditions - redness, psoriasis and dermatitis. This cream is the business.

Click HERE to buy.

Use the code amandaramsay10 and save 10% on your first order.

$29.95 for 100ml


I just had to include this luxurious body oil from Weleda. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids it leaves your skin velvety and uber hydrated. I'm jumping our of the shower and slathering this on while my skin is still damp. Love.

Click HERE to buy.

You'll get 15% off your first order and then anywhere between 5% to 10% in reward points to spend again.

And because I can't help myself, 1 makeup tip to get your skin really GLOWING ....

Luminous lustre for skin that looks blooming magnificent!

35ml for $71.50

Click HERE to buy. You'll get 15% off your first order and then anywhere between 5% to 10% in reward points to spend again.

Skin rehab complete. Evidence is always in others commenting on how awesome your skin looks. Shine bright Sisters!

Love Amanda x


* Please note. This is not a sponsored post. These recommendations come from trials conducted by our team at Secrets from a Beauty Insider. We do however receive small affiliate commissions on some of the products mentioned. Our team - Amanda, Bron, Dani - have used each range for a minimum of 3 weeks. We can recommend the above-mentioned products as we genuinely use and love them. Be mindful that everyone's skin is unique and different. I have sensitive, sun damaged, dehydrated skin and dermatitis. Dani has oily/combination skin that is prone to surface dehydration and hormonal breakouts. Bron has super sensitive, dry skin with rosacea and psoriasis.

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