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My Top 7 sunscreens that sit beautifully under your makeup.

'Tis the Season to be slip slop slapping no matter what the weather or occasion. Below are 7 of the best sunscreens to wear under makeup.

Aussies are diligent with sunscreen when it comes to heading to the beach or pool .. yet often we forget about sunscreen for our daily wanderings or the drive to work.

Those rays are going to get you .. even in the car.

Given the Suns rays are the Number 1 cause of premature ageing it's time to get amongst sunscreen EVERYDAY. And educate younger folk to do the same (yes, challenging, I hear you sisters.)

UVA rays are those sneaky little bleeders that penetrate the deeper levels of your skin, prematurely breaking down collagen and elastin fibres, destroying the buoyant perkiness of your skin, creating the "soggy mattress" effect.

Yes it's true 20 minutes of unprotected sun exposure is vital for the production of much-needed Vitamin D. Save your face, preserve your youth longer (and expose another body part to the suns rays!)

Finding the right sunscreen that sits beautifully under your makeup can be exasperating. Too thick, too shiny, a breakout-creating mess. I know. I've trialled a truck load of sunscreen - had plenty of spots along the way - to find reliable options that sit beautifully under your makeup. And it really does depend on your skin type so it does mean a little trial and error.

Click the IMAGE or Click HERE to download my top 7 favourite broad spectrum high factor sunscreens to wear under your makeup.

Stay looking younger longer. Slap that sunscreen on girl.

With love

Amanda x

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