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Your FREE Step by Step Smokey Eye Guide. The BEST trick for lifting droopy, hooded eyes.

Smokin' smokey eyes. Smokey eyes make you feel sexy. Smokey eyes make you feel damn HOT. Smokey eyes are our go forth take on the world eyes! By far the most requested eye look and my personal go-to is the smokey eye. Smokey eyes suit EVERYONE, all eye shapes. Better still, the smokey eye technique helps to LIFT a hooded, droopy eye.

Want to learn how you too can slay the Smokey Eye look?

Click here to get my FREE printable Step-by-Step Guide on How to Create a Smokey Eye for chicks over 40. Yes... this Smokey Eye Guide is for the 40+ year old you, not the 20 year old you.

Inside the Secrets from a Beauty Insider Step by Step Smokey Eye Guide are:

+ 3 Rules of the Smokey Eye Fight Club. Yes there are Rules of this Fight Club for chicks over 40. Stick to these and you'll create soft, sultry and "lifted" eyes.

+ 5 Steps to creating the perfect smokey eye. Follow these 5 simple steps to master the Smokey Eye.

+ A Smokey Eye checklist (will keep you on track to perfecting the technique, here's a sneak peek)

... and it's all in a printable PDF. Stick the checklist up on your mirror and away you go girl!

In the spirit of keeping you all visible and feeling mighty fine about being in your 40's, 50's, 60's and beyond ... perennials, baby boomers unite in the fight to remain gorgeous and feeling awesome regardless of age. Kapow sisters!

Get on board. Join Welcome to the Smokey Eye Fight Club for Women over 40. Now.

Keep rocking on!

With love,

Amanda x

Psst! Love the Smokey Eye Guide and want to learn more?

Under expert guidance you become the makeup artist for your face right now. Not the 20 year old you but the 40+ you. New tips and tricks for the ageing-beautifully woman. We tackle hooded eyes, wrinkles, crinkles, wobbly saggy bits, laughter lines all with grace and positivity and show you how to perk up, lift your eyes, look younger and glow girl glow!

You'll get:

✔︎ 3 1/2 hours of hands-on makeup fun

✔︎ FREE Beauty Gift Bag valued at over $100

✔︎ A curated Beauty Shopping List for women over 40

✔︎ The top 5 makeup products that are right for you

✔︎ A step-by-step printable Guide for your 5 Minute Makeup

✔︎ COMPLIMENTARY glass of champagne & healthy treats

Click here to find out about my Makeup Masterclasses for Women over 40.

Makeup masterclasses for women over 40

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Is your makeup bag a bit sad, with a few well-used, sad looking products?

Or is it loud and proud, bursting at the seams, yet you use the same gear daily?

Ready to freshen up your look but unsure what products to choose?

Well your makeup bag needs a mighty good edit ... let's SPRING CLEAN baby!

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