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Body scrubs to the wobbly bits rescue.

Admittedly I've spent the past 8 years in the "who the flipping heck has time for a body scrub" camp. It just seemed like a luxury afforded to younger women with plenty of time to beautify. Body scrubbing felt like another thing I should be doing yet overloaded brain couldn't cope with how I'd factor that into my already lightening-speed morning ritual. Meh, who could be bothered?

But when I started to notice the tone of my skin changing, I began to reassess. My wobbly bits are becoming just that little bit wobblier. My ta-ta arms, tuckshop lady arms, bat wings whatever you want to call them - whether you exercise or not - the skin is gettin' a little saggy innit? My legs are a bit lizardy and scaley. I thought perhaps the time is now. Embrace the body scrub. I'm so not ready to join the purple-rinse posse, I'm up for looking fabulous in my mid-40's, mid-50's and forwards.

Body scrubs do so much more than remove dead skin and exfoliate. They are so darn clever that they hydrate, stimulate blood circulation and tone your skin. I decide to give it a whirl. Surprisingly I discover you can scrub your whole wobbly body in under 2 minutes (and while you're there check your breasts). Oh my giddy Aunt, who knew my 45 year old skin could feel so damn SMOOTH?

Why wouldn't I add a body scrub to my speedy gonzales morning shower routine? I'm such an advocate for the body scrub, I'm polishing 2 - 3 times a week.

Here comes the bit where I tell you it's all about ageing - well I'm afraid, yep, it is.

As we age the process of skin cell regeneration slows down - drat. Your body is slower to shed the skin cells and slower to generate new ones.

So when old skin cells start to pile up on the surface and clog the skin, it can leave your skin looking dull, rough and well, dastardly dry.

1. Clear out the old dead cells.

2. Allow the lovely new plump cells to shine.

3. Enable deeper moisture and hydration for ultimately healthier, younger looking skin.

4. Reveal any irregular looking moles or freckles.

I've heard a little chitter chatter suggesting that you shouldn't exfoliate in Winter. Frankly I'm not sure I understand why. Skin cell regeneration doesn't really change with the seasons, so there's plenty of dead cells hanging about creating a barrier and thickening your skin. Exfoliating the dead skin cells uncovers fresh new plump lovely cells that have been hiding beneath. Guess what else? Exfoliating the dead cells allows moisturising products to penetrate more deeply, making them more effective. Ya hoo. And my body needs a lot more moisture and hydration in the Winter months.

Summed up, exfoliating regularly will leave your skin looking fresh and healthy. We older birds need all the help we can get to keep that youthful, healthy looking glow.


To find the best body scrub for you, I've tested 7 body scrubs and I've loved every scrubbing moment of it.


The most luxurious of them all. It was this ah-mazing body scrub from Vanessa Megan that turned me into a love scrubbing machine.

A delicious blend of ocean salt, a natural base of coconut and grapeseed oils, plus mandarin, lavender, patchouli and peru balsam essential oils.

The Love Scrub is incredible for anyone with uber-dry and pretty resilient skin. I say resilient as, despite the coconut oil base, it's quite a "rough" scrub. This might be problematic for those with really delicate skin or those that find a rough scrub a bit ouchie. However it's proven effective in treating dry, dull skin and cellulite, along with psoriasis, eczema and stretch marks.

VERDICT - Seriously luxe, deeply hydrating.

Click here to BUY. $39.95


Joe Buff Coffee Scrubs in Chocolate Mint Coffee and Orange Truffle Coffee Scrub

Then I met Joe Buff and I fell in big-time, head-over-heels, crazy love. Coffee and chocolate - two of my favourite things - in one bag. Made in Western Australia from organic and 100% natural ingredients, like pink himalayan salt, almond oil, camelia, mint jojoba beads, coconut and olive oils, this body scrub is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. These heavenly ingredients have been blended to moisturise, exfoliate, soothe tired muscles and diffuse the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, acne and scars. Bring that on.

I couldn't wait to jump in the shower with this body scrub. I smelt like a Jaffa (choc orange ball for my non-Aussie readers). My whole bathroom smelt so freaking delicious that the whole family came in for the sensory experience.

This body scrub is dead-set incredible. The fine granules make it suitable for all skin types and the effects are nothing short of wonderous. A little goes a long way. My skin felt better than I ever could have seriously imagined. My only gripe is that the packaging is really messy.

VERDICT - Messy. A brilliant sensory experience. Good value.

Click here to BUY. $29.95.

Please mention 'Referred by Amanda Ramsay' at Checkout


Bikini Babe Tea Matcha and Himalayan Salt Scrub: Luxe edition infused with coconut & lime.

Love the concept around the Bikini Babe Tea products. It's all about empowering women. Lovely reminder to be kind, playful and light-hearted with yourself.

"Give extra love to wobbly bits and problem areas; they need you now. Holy moly, have you noticed you're a babe?".

Himalayan Rock Salt, Matcha, Hibiscus, Jojoba Seed oil, Camelia oil, Lime Essential oil and nothing else. A hot bed of antioxidant goodness for tired, dull skin.

The lush fragrance of coconut lime is a bit sweet for me and the scrub left me a little green, albeit temporarily. However I did notice a significant change in the texture of my skin using this body scrub. Perhaps Hibiscus really is natures "botox".

VERDICT - Super effective and a much needed "me time" treat.

$24.95 Click here to buy. @bikinibabetea


It's a tube - all hail the tube. Love this packaging. All of the above-mentioned body scrubs' packaging is frustratingly messy.

The Eco Tan product requires a little more organisation. Use the body scrub on dry skin with a co-ordinating exfoliating glove for maximum effect. This gentle body scrub is perfect for you sensitive skin types as the salt granules dissolve quickly.

The "dry brushing" really gets the blood flow going and assists with lymphatic drainage and detoxifying - plus the Eco Tan Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub works wonders removing old tan.

VERDICT - Easy to use. Click here to BUY. $34.95


Weleda Birch Body Scrub

Another beauty in a tube this 100% certified natural and organic body scrub is a real treat when you're in a hurry and want something low fuss. Weleda Birch Body Scrub is lemony fragranced, gentle and feels beautiful. Birch is helpful where the body is struggling to get rid of toxins. The lightweight tube means it's a must-have travel essential.

Factoid: Dr Rudolf Steiner created Weleda in 1921. Today Weleda still employ farming principles in their biodynamic gardens with love and respect for nature and you. They are a brand with immense integrity.

VERDICT A mighty fine scrub, excellent price. Perfect for Earth Mothers.

Click here to BUY


The Body Shop Coconut Exfoliating Cream Body Scrub

The Body Shop coconut exfoliating cream body scrub feels lovely going on. It's creamy with gentle beads. So if you're not into "rough" scrubs this could be the one for you. What I didn't like was the "slippery" after effect. It felt like the moisturising ingredients sat on top of my skin. I can't say I noticed any longer term effects - my skin was back to crinkly dry the next day. The fragrance in these products is almost certainly synthetic which equals serious nasty toxins.

VERDICT - Save your pennies.

Click here to BUY $29.95


Australia's first certified organic skincare with proven Bio-Actives - La Mav Organic Skin Science's stunning salt scrub is infused with extra magnesium.

A bio active ingredient is more than an "essential nutrient" that the body requires just to function. It has the power to affect real change in health. Magnesium supports the production of collagen and elastin in the body. Yippee. Love a collagen stimulating product.

Coconut oil and camelia oil deeply nourish and hydrate your skin leaving you glowing. And you can really feel this, my skin was as soft as a baby's bot.

VERDICT - More than just a tan remover, this scrub delivered a noticeable change in the tone of my skin. Winner winner chicken dinner.

Click here to BUY $39.95

Get amongst a body scrub. Highly recommended for the ageing woman.

With love, light and wobbly bits,

Amanda xxx



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