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The 5 freakin fabulous winners of this extraordinary lipstick are ...

Thankyou magnificent women whom subscribed to my blog Secrets from a Beauty Insider during the month of June. I'm grateful to all of you gorgeous subscribers - new and old - and delighted you're with me on this trip to feeling flipping fabulous throughout the ageing process. Please continue to share Secrets from a Beauty Insider - the best beauty advice from an experienced professional makeup artist for women over 40 - amongst your own tribe of female friends and family at

So who got lucky this month? Read on ...

Sharing over 13 years of makeup industry insider tips tricks and beauty know-how is what I love. I've planted this seedling project and to watch it grow, oh how I'd love it to continue to blossom, makes my heart swell. Now I've been a little distracted the past few weeks. Here's what's been going down in the world of Amanda Ramsay.

It has been a wild time for this little makeup artist. In a moment of madness, my husband and I decided to up sticks and leave Sydney. After 21 years in the glorious Harbour City - what a beauty she is - it was time to seek more space for our rambunctious (read totally cray cray, excitable, spirited) young sons. So began the roller coaster once again, we strapped ourselves in and rode the wave of emotions and logistics that is an interstate move in 4 weeks. A generous sprouting of fresh grey hair and a dermatitis outbreak later, we're here! Whooshka, we've landed in the green, rainforest-y, lushness of the Currumbin Valley, on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Yes, we seriously do have a koala residing in the tree immediately outside the Secrets from a Beauty Insider office window. And we're less than 10 minutes to Currumbin Beach. Idyllic is some form of understatement.

Pictured above is Christine, our new fluffy-bottomed Australian native neighbour. Named in honour of our much-missed and loved neighbour in Sydney. (Yes, she has to be female, I'm outnumbered in my household and need a sister close by!)

Both gorgeous little mentalists - aka our sons - have started at new schools, with proper old-school playgrounds (including monkey bars, yesss!), large sporting ovals, surrounded by paddocks, cattle, horses, plenty of bushland, refreshingly warm, light-hearted educators and a bucket load of very happy kids. This Mumma is much relieved the first day is out of the way (I think I was more anxious than the small guys were). Mr 8 announced he's made 5 friends, that maths groups are problematic and he's signed up for the Chess Club and Rock Band ... and Mr 5 has found the two craziest kids at his preschool to call his new best-friends and tells me that he loves the girls. So we're off to a flying start.

We've made ourselves well known at the local coffee shop - First Aid kit required on our second visit and no it was not from the wallabies hopping about on the lawn (seriously). The Ramsay's have joined the local organic fruit and vegetable co op, as well as the Currumbin Surf Club... and I strangely feel right at home. Thought this city girl, who's spent the past 13 years knocking about the Sydney advertising and fashion industries, might struggle with the slower paced spaciousness of The Valley, alas, not as yet.

After a couple of weeks packing boxes, followed by a week of unpacking boxes, I sit amongst what seems to be a never-ending mountain of cardboard to write some happy news. Finally I can announce the 5 winners of my current favourite, game-changing Australian Certified Organic lipsticks from Nudus. Now I feel I must say, I've not tested every certified organic lipstick available in Australia. I have however played with several natural lipsticks and NUDUS is my current fave for a bucket load of reasons. Click here to find out more about why these extraordinary NUDUS lipsticks are one of my professional makeup artist Secret Weapons.

Do you have a favourite lipstick? I'd love to hear about it. Please drop me a comment below.

My 8 year old son William selected the 5 blessed names at random. Each shall have their moment of glory on Facebook and Instagram as I announce one name per day over the next 5 days. Bask. Relish. Enjoy.

And please if you are 1 of the 5 winners, below is how to claim your lipstick gift, kindly donated by Diana the creator of NUDUS.

1. Head to NUDUS.COM.AU and choose a luscious lipstick colour.

2. Email me at with the name of the lipstick you would love to own along with your full name, postal address & contact phone number.

3. NUDUS will post the lipstick directly to you.

4. If you are a Social Media user, please send us a Shout Out when you receive your little package in the post. The Shout Out might be a pic of you wearing the lipstick, unpacking the lipstick, or just holding it, whatever takes your fancy - we can't WAIT to see you in it. And you're lips are going to lurve us!

On Instagram tag @nudusaustralia and @mandiramsay

On Facebook tag @nudusaustralia and @amandaramsaymakeup

With love

Amanda (Secrets from a Beauty Insider) and Diana (Nudus)



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