SECRET WEAPON NUMBER 3 – Why this extraordinary lipstick is a game changer.

After 15 years as a professional makeup artist, I'm frequently asked for my all-time fave beauty products and so the Secret Weapon Series was born.

I’m a big advocate for lippy. I’m a die-hard embracer of a great, preferably bright, lipstick. My mother never left the house without her lips on. Mum would ask my twenty-something, loving-myself-sick self “aren’t you going to put a bit of colour on your lips before you go out, you look drab!” Yes she was not backwards in coming forwards my beloved much-missed Mother. I didn’t get it in my twenties, hell I wasn’t really sure about it in my early 30’s either but now I’m in my almost mid-40’s (gah!) I can totally see my Mum was on to something. Lipstick rules.

makeup artists tip for the best beauty organic lipstick

Photo credits: The team that created this divine image used 100% natural beauty products.

Photographer: Johnny Rintoul

Model and Clinical Nutritionist: Anna-Maria Boelskov

Hair Stylist: (using Rahua) Sue Carroll

Nail Technician: (using Zoya) Charlotte Laight

Makeup Artist: (using NUDUS organic lipstick) Amanda Ramsay

As we age everything is going, well a little grey. Our skin thins with age causing us to look more translucent and pale. Awesome. So I’m not sure if it’s because we lose colour in our skin, or that most of us become significantly more sun smart, or whether it’s just the quickest bloody thing you can do to look “pulled together” when you’re in a hurry, lipstick definitely helps brighten up the ageing woman.

Lipstick works a treat on several levels: it says “hello I’ve got my sh*t together, hah”. It lifts our mood. It makes us feel good about ourselves. Look, I’m sure there’s plenty of you who don’t have that happy high feeling a bright lippy can provide but can I tell you how many people comment when I’m wearing a lipstick? And THAT alone perks me right up. Love a compliment.

NUDUS certified organic lipstick in dream time

Number 3 in my Secret Weapon Series is the incredible NUDUS Certified Organic Lipstick.

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I will be the first to admit that as a Professional Makeup Artist I borked at the idea of natural makeup. I’m guilty of the eye rolling response of “well, it’s a nice idea but does it work?” The organic and chemical-free movement might be the fastest growing industry in the world for good reason. Chemicals in beauty products range from nasty to dead-set dangerous

my story and how i started down the green beauty path

My personal education in green beauty products started with my beloved lippy-wearing Mother’s diagnosis. Mum wanted chemical-free products to use whilst undergoing chemotherapy. Her body was hyper sensitive to chemicals whilst enduring the horrendous-ness of chemo treatment. Our first objective was to find something comfortable for Mum’s terribly dry and sore lips (she never left home without her lips on, regardless of how unwell she felt). Whilst on the plight for a deeply nourishing lipstick, I became somewhat flabbergasted by the discovery of carcinogenic toxic chemicals that lurk in everyday lipsticks.

There’s nothing like a terminally ill family member to motivate action. I’d heard rumblings of nasties in lipsticks but had been quite happy to mindlessly carry on with what I knew worked.

Now, I like to think I'm an educated chick, yet I'm floored to learn that there is lead in lipsticks in 2017. And if I wasn't immersed in the beauty industry I'd probs presume that lead had been eradicated back in the 70's. Alas not.

Scientists agree that there is no safe level of lead exposure for developing children. Even trace exposures can cause irreversible changes, including diminished IQ and behavioural problems.Yet every day, millions of women get a little bit of toxic lead on their lips with every swipe of their lipstick. Frankly, it should not be in our lipstick or other cosmetics - why is it?

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Blessed to have Clinical Nutritionist, women's wellness expert and Mumspire Podcaster as my Model for this story, Anna Maria Boelskov says "The most harmful effect from lipstick is the endocrine disrupting ingredients that are widely used to keep lipstick shelf stable for a very long time. Our endocrine system is essentially our reproductive system, adrenal glands, pancreas, thyroid and our pineal and pituitary glands. These precious glands and organs are extraordinarily sensitive to the external environment and are easily put out of homoeostasis (balance) particularly due to metals and chemicals such as propylparaben, Phthalates, Fragrances, BPA, Titanium dioxide that causes long-term oxidative damage and disruption. Women who have a family history of cancers, fertility issues and autoimmune conditions are best advised to only use lipstick, makeup and cleaning products that are as pure as possible".

And now we're getting why I'm on the organic lipstick bandwagon, right?

Lipstick is one of the easiest things to switch on the path to using safer beauty products.

a) We literally eat lipstick off (exposure to lead and toxins from lipstick is mainly by swallowing, immediately after you lick your lips), and

b) Lipstick is a little fashion accessory indulgence. One we can splurge on for under $50. It doesn't break the bank or incite major post-purchase remorse. It's fun.

I’ve tried many 100% natural lipstick brands in my crusade. Most look okay on application, but don’t last long. I feel like I found NUDUS Certified Organic Lipstick for a reason – it’s like it was one of Mum’s magical afterlife doings.

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NUDUS certified organic lipstick is a secret weapon on so many levels – starting with safety and ending with effectiveness.

makeup artist tips 5 reasons i'm obsessed with organic lipsticks from nudus

1. NUDUS is Organic

84.11% of the ingredients in the lipstick are grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, pesticides or GMO’s. The other 15.89% is 100% natural. The ACO ( explain that “Organics is more than ‘chemical free’ it’s a holistic means of growing and handling food.”

What does this mean for you?

The ingredients are food-grade quality and safe to eat. It’s the real raw deal.

2. NUDUS is Australian Certified Organic

“Certified” is a guarantee that products really are organic. Every step of the production process from paddock to plate so to speak is audited according to the Organic Standard (this process is audited by government departments worldwide for ACO to maintain its accreditation as an international certified). So the certifiers are audited.

The ACO is one of the most recognised certification body’s throughout the World. I’m also told that it’s the toughest certification to achieve. The certification process is a long and challenging road, which is probably why most companies don’t accomplish ACO Certification. The best way to be assured you are buying genuine, organic products is to look for the ACO “bud” logo.