10 beauty tips for busy chicks and Mums just trying to keep it together.

I’m a huge believer in natural beauty and embracing what you’ve got - and there's a very good reason for this. In the midst of prepping school lunches, provisioning breakfast, umpiring the constant wrestling (and that's just my husband, ha ha), getting the kids to school on time, myself to work on time, and generally keep my shit together, even I, a seasoned professional makeup artist, don’t find time to spend more than 10 minutes in front of the mirror doing my make up and hair. We can't all be Victoria Beckham.

When I was a new mum just showering seemed like a full blown logistical challenge - where the hell in my zombie-like-sleepless-stupor was I going to fit that in to my morning? I recall answering the door to a courier with a breast hanging out of my Bonds maternity singlet for heavens sake ... that's what state of mindless, deranged madness I was in. So I appreciate that beauty and makeup aren't always top of the priority list for new mothers and busy mothers on the run.

I do however, remember wanting to feel just that little more put together. I didn't want the streets of Bondi Beach to see what was really going on for me. I was pretty keen to hide the feeling of total life upheaval and chaos. So presenting a brave, "half decent", fresh looking face was all about faking it until I made it. Yep, the new job title of "Mum" was one I had to grapple with and fake until I got my training wheels off and learnt to ride with confidence. Finding my groove in Motherhood took some practice - and that's the understatement of the year.


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Below I've outlined 10 cheeky cheats for faking it 'til you feel like you're making it as a new Mumma. These tips also apply to seasoned Mothers trying to get out of the house amongst the morning chaos and busy women everywhere. They are designed to help you just feel that little bit better about yourself. Put on a brave face, get out there, and get amongst it ...

I like to put on a bright shade of lipstick or lipgloss. You'll be amazed at what magical wonders a bright lipstick does for a woman. It screams "I've got my shit together". Even if I’m not wearing any other makeup, it instantly brightens my mood and elicits compliments everywhere. Hell yeah. I've got this!

Product Recommendation

My current lipstick obsession is with NUDUS, an incredible Australian certified organic lipstick that is not only safe as it's 100% natural, but is genuinely incredibly nourishing. Love a multi-tasking product. Amazing colour. Truly hydrated lips.

I'm so obsessed with this lipstick I've dedicated a whole blog post - click here to read more about this game-changing certified organic lippy.



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I can hear the exasperated cries of "is she serious, curl my lashes". And yes, I am. Takes all of about 5 seconds and will open up those peepers like no other product. Curl lashes then load up on mascara.

Product Recommendations
I'm actually loving Ere Perez 100% natural waterproof mascara. Generally I steer clear of waterproof - please avoid in other chemical brands - but I figure this is 100% natural, so whatever is in it that's making my lashes waterproof ain't that harmful.


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L'Oreal Miss Manga Mega Volume Mascara

The easiest way to embrace your natural beauty is to have amazing skin. Start with the true foundation of any good makeup - and that's a simple but effective skin care regime. I notice a massive difference and feel more confident to leave the house without makeup, when my skin is well cared for.

I'm 44 and can say with all experience and confidence that reaching 40 came with some significant changes to my skin. Fine lines, jowls (WTF!?), hooded eyes, deepened nasolabial lines (yes, that really is what they're called), pigmentation and crepey neck syndrome. Now is the time to start really taking care of your skin. After 30, the body no longer produces collagen. Bummer.

Click here to watch a HOW TO VIDEO on my basic skincare regime.

I personally love 100% natural skincare - I need all the help I can get, but don't have time for complicated regimes. Being 100% natural, with no hidden chemicals, means that these incredibly potent formulas actively work to heal skin. They are a natural cosmeceutical. Yes, please.

My simple, daily skincare regime.

1. Vanessa Megan Pettigrain Cleanser

2. Vanessa Megan Rose Water

3. Vanessa Megan Natures Elixir Face Oil (NEO)

4. Weleda Skin Food for desperately dry hands, lips and any scaley skin.

Once a week I'll add

5. Vanessa Megan Prebiotic + C Brightening Exfoliant

6. Vanessa Megan EPI Cell Serum to my simple routine. Best kept secret to healthy, glowing skin.



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