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Desperately seeking an instant eyelift? Secret beauty weapon... Number 1

Okay, so it's not such a big secret, as many of you have heard me bang on about the genius and wonder that is YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch. This glorious gold tube is as close to a makeup miracle worker as one can find. Seriously.

For a quick fix, whether you're plain tired and dragging your butt out of bed each morning, dying with a hangover, simply dehydrated, or just generally feeling a little of the senior variety ... dab this on and ride the light fantastic all the way!

YSL Touch Eclat Radiant Touch is a super light weight liquid (so it doesn't sit in any crinkles). The light-reflecting particles luminise the under eye area - and anywhere you'd like to highlight - brilliantly. A little like an optical illusion it creates a brightening and plumping effect. It's not a concealer as such, it won't cover up blemishes or red spots.

I've seen this little ray of sunshine at Chemist Warehouse for just $34.99. Mostly you'll find it in Mecca Cosmetica, David Jones and Myer. Worth every penny in my humble opinion. There are no cheap substitutes that are a scratch on this product. Invest ladies. (I'm certain when I first fell in love with YSL Touch Eclat about 13 years ago it was $75 a tube. - it was worth every penny then too). Be sure to get No 2. I'm yet to find anyone who would need No 1 (it's really too light for most skin tones) and No 3 will work if you're super olive/dark skinned, it's quite apricot.

For the instant eyelift effect, follow my professional Makeup Artist Insider Tips:

1. Take the "pen" and draw a line all the way under your eye - from inner corner to outer corner of the eye and beyond. Right out over the top of your cheekbone.

2. From the tip of your cheekbone, draw another line to the outer tip of your nostril.

3. Join the line from the inner corner of your eye to the tip of your nostril.

You should have created a triangle shape.

4. Colour in the triangle with the YSL Touch Eclat.

5. Gently blend the product using a light dabbing pressing motion with your ring or index finger.

6. Repeat on your other eye.

Watch this YouTube video where I demo the 'triangle' and may help you make sense of the above steps. Click HERE

Magic happens. You can thank me later.

Fancy taking the instant eye lift to a whole new level? Try nurturing the delicate skin around your weary dehydrated peepers.


The skincare genius, experienced paramedical aesthetician Sarah Wilkinson of Skinmatrix has created this 'Eye Bright' serum that dead set reduces the appearance of fine lines, crows feet and minimizes dark circles whilst deeply hydrating the delicate eye area. Yasssss! This is just what we all need right now.

15ml is $99.


Yogana Love's organic eye cream is infused with soothing Cucumber Oil which helps to reduce puffiness. Native Lemon Aspen aids in strengthening capillary walls which can reduce the effects of dark circles around the delicate eye area. Scented with natural Cucumber Oil. Don't underestimate the power of this 100% natural organic eye cream, the cosmeceutical grade ingredients pack a punch.

30ml $39

Click HERE to buy.

Go forth, have fun, be brave and hell yes, you will look awake, rested and probably a tad younger.

Ship that in.

With love, Amanda xxx

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