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5 need-to-know tips for prepping oily and sensitive skin for makeup. Move away from the Primer.

Most primers have a nasty chemical, mineral oil, lurking deep inside the ingredient listing. I know Mineral Oil ... it's "Mineral" so it must be good, right? Absolutely not. It acts like gladwrap, creating a barrier over your skin, essentially suffocating skin. Nothing gets out and nothing gets in. Mineral Oil (aka Liquid Parrafin) is the second biggest cause of ageing (the first being the sun) and is more carcinogenic than smoking. Gasp! Fact. Start reading skincare ingredient labels and educate yourself.

So the largest organ of your body - your skin - ain't breathing while you're wearing Primer. Now that's a real problem if you're wearing Primer regularly. I'd rather be a little on the shiny side than the carcinogenic/ageing/suffocating side, wouldn't you?

Big challenge for those with Oily skins, I know. It's hard to get your head around. But here's another option. Before reaching for a Primer or buying a new mattifying, long-wear foundation to "stop" oil making you look and feel like a shiny disco ball.... have a regroup on your skincare regime.

Many skincare products designed for Oily Skins are full of alcohol. Alcohol is stripping the beautiful nourishing, youth-giving natural oils off your skin, which in turn tells your body to create more oil in order to balance. So that squeaky-clean feeling isn't solving the problem, it's actually making it worse. Instead, add more water and nutrition to your skin, allow your skin to do some natural rebalancing, and see what happens.

Tip 1 - STOP using products with alcohol. Stripping the skin of oil is only inducing more oil production.

Tip 2 - Please throw facial wipes away.

I know they're cheap & convenient (but really, popping a blob of organic cream cleanser on a cotton round and sweeping it all over your face, really doesn't require that much more effort than taking a facial wipe out of a packet). They're costing your skin it's health and radiance. Your skin will start singing Hallelujah when that packet of wipes goes in the trash.

Tip 3 - Use an alcohol-free gentle, hydrating, natural cream cleanser (mature & sensitive skin types) or a hydrating natural chemical-free foam cleanser (younger skin)

Tip 4 - Hydrate and refresh skin with pure organic rose water.

Rose Water is a natural antibacterial, plus it hydrates to rebalance your skins oil/water ratio and the rose soothes sensitive skin.

Tip 5 - Feed your skin with an oil. Another gasp! Oil for an oily skin? Yes, the right formula of oil. Try Vanessa Megan Natures Elixir Face Oil (NEO). It's a Multi-vitamin shot to your skin. There's a reason it's an award winner and LOVED by Jess Mauboy and actress Zoe Tuckwell Smith. Argan Oil neutralises free radicals is high in fatty acids Omega 6 & 9 for healthy skin growth, keeps cells moist, supple & protect against harmful pathogens. Assists in premature ageing. Non comodogenic, so it's safe on acne prone skin. Seabuckthorn Oil is the richest source of carotenoids, beta carotene, pro vit A, vit E, vit K1. Pumpkin Seed Oil, has vit E, selenium, zinc & essential fatty acids crucial part of anti ageing skincare arsenal. Zinc helps maintain collagen levels for more elasticity. Rosemary Essential Oil is a powerful antioxidant, anti ageing, regenerating, rejuvenating & stimulating plus skin lightening effects & help to naturally corerect age spots. Lemongrass Oil minimises pore size, tightens elastin fibres in epidermis. And Vetiver increases blood flow & even out skin tone. Boom town.

3 Steps - Let's simplify your skincare routine.

Below are the 3 products from the Vanessa Megan Advanced Organic skincare range that will change your life:


Pettigrain Cream Cleanser (mature sensitive skin) OR Clementine Foaming Cleanser (younger sensitive skin)


Rose Water


Natures Elixir Oil (NEO) Face Oil

(mix 2 - 3 drops of NEO with 2 - 3 sprays of Rose Water)

Drop me an email if you're interested in purchasing the VM products. There is a Pro Artist Program plus Friends and Family deal available.

Do this for 7 - 10 days. Report back your findings.

Scientifically proven to get results fast...

Acne sufferers report that their acne clears.

Roseacea sufferers report that their roseacea is soothed.

Everyone reports that their skins natural glow returns and oil balance is restored.

Then we can talk about which foundations to choose for mature, combination - oily and sensitive skin types.

Sound like a plan?


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