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Think Dirty. Love Organic BB Cream.

That scaley spot on my forehead, I've seen it every day for months and just kept hoping the blasted thing would rack off .. well it's turned. Red. Sore. And yep, I'm pretty sure it's a skin cancer. Appointment booked at the Dermatologist pronto. I'm predisposed to these nasty little BCC suckers.

Spotting that (alleged) Skin Cancer led me to start thinking about my hunt for the perfect BB Cream. BB equals Beauty Balm. I like the BB concept. I've always loves a tinted BB-with-a-SPF 30+ concept even more. Until said skin cancer scare. It reminded me that we really need to be wearing a dedicated sunscreen ... and then BB cream or foundation on top. Don't depend on your tinted moistursier to deliver the adequate sun protection.

You may not want to hear this but ... here it is ... once a chick gets over a certain age, ahem 40, it's time to start putting a little something-tinted on your face before heading out the door.

Call me old fashioned. Call me what you will but I'm just laying it out on the table - you look better, fresher, younger with a little bit of tinted-something on your face to even out your skin tone.

​Enter BB Cream.

BB cream is a skincare/makeup hybrid that provides the hydration of a moisturiser, coverage of a light foundation and, sometimes sun protection factor. The texture is creamier than most tinted moisturisers - hence why they are better for mature skins - and BB creams generally offer more coverage than tinted moisturisers. Another reason they're great for us.

Loving the La Mav Organic BB Cream. No hidden chemicals. Rose Hip oil and Vit C to feed my skin, treat dryness and pigmentation. Good coverage. Creamy yet melts beautifully into your skin. Definitely my best pick.


Click HERE to purchase.

I mention the Think Dirty APP in my Facebook Live Video. Think Dirty is the easiest way to lean about the potentially toxic ingredients in your personal care products. Like . Check it out, it's free from the App Store and dead simple to use. Educate yourself. Education just enables better choices. And yes, it's a bit scary.

My mantra for the moment is feed your skin in order to strengthen it and provide some protection from pollutants.


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