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Express eye makeup for busy women on the run... using just 4 products.

It seems that we are all just so darn "busy" (I'd prefer to say life is full but "busy" seems to be the standard response) .. and I know at times I feel I might spontaneously combust with the workload of life. I've had so many requests for express eye makeup, "like really express Amanda, something I can do with my toddler hanging off me, as I attempt to get ready for work!"

Express eye makeup for busy mums.

Frankly people, once over a certain age I do think a little makeup goes a long way to make us look polished and feel ready to tackle the working world or just perk you up enough to do the school run, leave home and enter the world at large. Getting your game face on is at times a logistical challenge. I can almost see the eye roll of you Mums out there! On Facebook Live Video I did a demo of express eye makeup for busy women over 40 using just 4 products ...

1. Cream Eyeshadow Sticks

Enter Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Eyeshadow Sticks. These little babies are just brilliant. Literally slick it on your lids, blend gently with your ring finger, and boom you've got colour on your lids. They go on creamy but dry super fast and stay put all day. No creasing. No need to set with powder. Great one-step product. Love.

I used Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Eyeshadow sticks in Sand Dune and Golden Bronze. Sand Dune is the perfect neutral with great coverage to his those little red veins and even out the colour on your lids. I added the Golden Bronze for an extra bit of depth and to make my green eyes look more "vibrant" as my gorgeous 7 year old son, William, said.

Available at Bobbi Brown.

2. Mascara

Curl lashes first - yes, I know, those clamps scare the bejeesus out of many, but trust me, they are eye openers. Get a good pair. I like Shu Uemura (available at David Jones) or Kevyn Aucoin (Available at Mecca Cosmetica). Take it slow the first few times. You'll be a pro in no time. Look down, position the curler at the lash bed and gently squeeze the curler together, then pump, pump, pump ever so gently. Loving the L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara. Load up on it.

3. YSL Touch Eclat

I have many secret weapons .. and this may just be my fave. This highlighter pen, you know the one in the gold tube? Instant eye lift ladies. Watch my Facebook Live Video to see how I draw a triangle shape (under my eyes, to the tip of my nose and past the corner of my eye over the top of the cheekbone). It's a light-weight, light reflecting highlighter, perfect under the eyes where skin can be quite thin and crinkly. (And you frequently find it lurking in Chemist Warehouse for $30 or $40. I always grab a couple when I spot them that cheap!)

Heavy concealers have a habit of creasing even more under eyes .. steer clear of those.

4. Benefit Brow-Zings Eyebrow kit

I almost had to do it ... leave without my brows done but thank HEAVENS I located my Benefit Brow Zings. I just felt undone. Don't get me wrong, I frequently don't wear makeup, and I often do leave the house without any makeup on ... but when I am wearing makeup I NEED brows. My tip for those of us over the age of 40 ... if you do nothing else, define your brows. Brows maketh the face. Seriously.

And ... because I can't help myself I did have to add a bit of cheek. In the interest of time-saving strategies, I chose a Stila Convertible Colour as it's a multi-tasking product (love). Blend a little bit of cream colour on the apples of your cheeks (keep it high and blend up towards your cheekbones) and then smear a little on your lips.

And that my friends is it.

Reckon you could get that express eye makeup down in 5 Minutes... even whilst a toddler is hanging off you. Practice, yep you know it. And remember .. it's only makeup. Have fun with it. 4 products and just 5 minutes to feeling flipping fabulous when running out the door. You go girl.


Amanda xxx

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