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Wake up and makeup. It's essential for your emotional well being.

isolation makeup for mature women

Below is your self isolation makeup tutorial to lift your spirits. A simple makeup and hair style tutorial that you can rock in isolation, look a whole lot perkier and feel happier on that video conference call if you're lucky enough to still have a job. And for those of you who have lost employment, please continue to wake up and make up, it's critical for your emotional wellbeing.

mamamia outloud mia freedman

I was listening to my favourite podcast, Mamamia Outloud. Mia Freedman quoted a piece written by journalist Amanda Mull at The Atlantic titled ‘Isolation Is Changing How You Look

Click here to read more, it's really quite fascinating. I'm feeling quite chuffed to be honest, as it's confirming what I already knew to be true. Makeup really can lift your spirits high.

isolation is changing how you look

Within the article the journalist writes "Quarantine cuts people off from their daily life in ways that are both immediately obvious and imminently catastrophic. Millions of people lost their livelihood, their social-support systems, or both in the course of only a few days. As isolation becomes normal, though, its toll begins to emerge in more subtle ways, including on the body itself." She continues, "If so many people are so concerned with their appearance, then perhaps that concern goes far deeper than vanity. With people’s faces, so go their identities. For people whose identity is heavily dependent on their life outside their home, not looking like the people they’ve long understood themselves to be can be a serious stressor on top of more concrete fears about health and safety. “If you get your identity with work and you can’t work now, or you don’t have your friends and that social status and power, I think that’s going to affect you tremendously,” Amy Flowers, a psychologist who specializes in stress management and body image, told me (journalist Amanda Mull). For many people, Flowers said, these little elements of daily life are the building blocks of psychological well-being."

Of course you're allowed to feel blue, these are devastating times, but you don't have to slip down the self isolation slippery slope. Tempting as it may be to sloth out in your pj's or activewear, get up and dress up because:

a) it makes you feel good and feel more positive,

b) your clients/colleagues on that Zoom call will appreciate your sparkly-ness,

c) when you see yourself in the mirror, on that video conference call or FaceTime call with loved ones, you recognise a more vibrant version of yourself. This is instantly mood-boosting, and

d) when you feel great, you radiate.









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I think I've made my point. Makeup and beauty routines, along with your usual daily rituals, are the building blocks of psychological and emotional well being. And heaven knows we all need to be doing whatever we can to keep our spirits lifted. So there you go, a psychologist said so, it's not silly to want to pop on a little makeup and dress up, it's essential to your emotional health.

A soft smokey eye makeup, fresh skin and plumper looking lips will lift your spirits. Click the image below to watch a quick, simple, easy wake up and makeup you can do at home. Enjoy.


John Frieda UK Detox and Repair Care & Protect Spray

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Klorane Australia Dry Shampoo for Oily Hair. This product is a life saver in times of isolation. Helps to disguise dark roots.

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ghd vintage hair straighteners

I call them vintage as I've had them for eons and eons. These bad boys last for ever.

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Edible Beauty No 3 Exotic Goddess Serum

Hydration, hydration, hydration. In times of stress, use this morning and night (I never do a makeup without it).

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hydrating serum for mature skin

Kylie's Professional Mineral Goddess

Mineral primer, Cream Foundation, Concealer, Eyeshadow Quad - Cafe, Blush - Flushing, Lipstick - Tropical

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mineral makeup for mature skin

MiiCosmetics Australia Sculpting Brow Builder in Fair/Blonde

Quick fix and isolation must-have, this clever little brow builder will cover greys, add volume and bulk plus hold wayward hairs in place.

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Easy eyes, as simple as 1 2 3. This kit comes with 3 essential must-have products for foolproof eyes, every time. The Easy Eyes for over 40's

Kit includes:

1. MiiCosmetics Australia Forever Eye Crayon (I've used Burnt Copper)

2. Kylies Professional Mineral Goddess Eye pencil in Tigers Eye

3. INIKA Organic Long Lash Mascara

4. A step by step guide on how to use each product and where to place

5. A delicious little treat just for you

6. 3 skincare samples

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For plumper looking lips, with products that genuinely hydrate your lips.

The Plumper Lips Kit is specifically for women aged over 40 and includes:

1. Kylies Professional Mineral Goddess Lip pencil in Earthy

2. Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics Beetroot Lip Stain in Joy

3. Rageism Beauty Aurora Lipgloss

4. A delicious little treat just for you

5. 3 skincare samples

Click HERE to shop online. Look after you, your loved ones, and your mental health. Splurge on a little self care and as always reach out if you need a little extra advice or help. You can email me

Stay healthy, Love Amanda x



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