Never buy the wrong foundation colour again. Expert tips for women over 40, 50, 60 and beyond.

October 30, 2019

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Seriously, how did we get this far through life and not know this? You will never buy the wrong foundation colour again, if you watch this one simple little pro artist tip. How to choose the right foundation colour for you - every time. Click ➡️ here



This Bite Size Beauty video on how to choose the right foundation colour for you also includes tips for buying the right colour while shopping online:

1. Get honest, expert advice
Send me a message - ➡️here


2. Check the brands website.

Look at the foundation swatches on the models (some brands show you the foundation on a variety of skin tones), look at the colour of your chest and match it as close as you can to one of the models.

3. Ask the brand.
Reach out to the brand creators for their help choosing the right colour for you.

3. Buy samples.
Grab the colour you think you will be, and get a shade on either side. For example, I'm usually a Medium. I'll buy the Light/Medium, Medium and Medium/Dark. That was you get to "try before you buy" and haven't wasted a bucket load of money on a full sized bottle.

And always, always, always match foundation to the colour of your skin on your décolletage ... not your face, not your neck, and definitely not the back of your hand! Follow this simple - but game-changing tip - and you'll never buy the wrong colour foundation again.


LEFT: Before foundation. RIGHT: After foundation
#nofilter #noediting just damn good foundation that's the right colour for me. 


Want a little one on one advice? Book your Personal Beauty Consult with me. Click ➡️here for more details.


In your one-on-one Personal Beauty Consult we can do a makeup bag audit - we can pick through what you already have - get rid of products that no longer flatter you, simplify your routine, create a personal shopping list, so you can stop wasting money on products that don't suit you. Or you can use your Personal Beauty Consult to master a technique that's giving you some bother - like a smokey eye, figuring out the right lipstick shade, the right eyeshadow and so on.


It's fun - and I'll arm with the skills to look amazing and feel unstoppable - no more makeup counter overwhelm.


Let me know how you get along - are you wearing the right shade of foundation? Or did you discover it's totes the wrong colour for you? Love to hear click here 



Amanda x






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