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Foolproof Foundation. Find the right colour every time. Here's how ...

How many times have you walked out of the cosmetics department only to find your choice of foundation colour is all wrong? Too light, you resemble some form of ghost in photos, too dark, you're channeling an Oompa Loompa. Annoyance of the highest order. Perfect foundation should look like you're not wearing any. We just want to look like we have an amazing, flawless, even skin tone. Am I right?

I've heard friends bemoan the bad lighting in the shop and that certainly can contribute. However whilst pottering in a beauty retailer, the lovely young and ever-so-helpful shop assistant was testing foundation colours on my cheek. And like a flash it dawned on me. If retail makeup assistants roll this way, no wonder women are walking around in makeup masks?

The secret that seems to have been kept for professional makeup artists, that needs to be shouted loudly is that it's all about the décolletage or chest colour. Test foundation colours on your décolletage. I can hear you all saying what the hell is she talking about...? Here's why.

For an even, flawless and natural looking foundation, you want a uniform colour from your face through to your chest. So you need to match the tone of your décolletage to your face. The skin on your neck is generally much paler than your face as it doesn't get much sun. Your face is often paler than your body as you're probably more diligent with sunscreen on your face.

Moving forward from today, test foundation colours on your décolletage. If you're really sun damaged like me, you could add a thin later of "Joe Brown" Bronzing Gel from Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. It counteracts any redness and ensures you don't go to "yellow" with your foundation. Blend foundation on your face, over your jawline and down your neck.

Secrets out. Now you know how to find the right colour for you, every time.

My 6 favourite foundations of the moment are:

1. The Holy Grail

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (oil free, buildable medium coverage)

2. New Fave

Inika Organic BB Cream (certified organic, 100% natural, no nasties with a satin finish).

3. Old Faithful

Chanel Vitalumiere (dry - very dry skin, dewy finish)

4. Dry Mature Skin

Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturising Balm SPF 25. (Dewy, glowy, moist looking skin.)

5. Long Wear Full Coverage

Mac Pro Longwear (combination - normal skin, buildable medium-full coverage, doesn't budge)

6. Long Wear Natural Finish

MAC Face & Body (combination - dry skin, water based, use fingers to really massage into skin, water resistant. Not suitable for oily skin)

Yes... no more masks, just beautiful fresh healthy looking skin from now on!

Amanda xxx

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