The 5 Minute Makeup Guide

The 5 Minute Makeup Guide

Your Step by Step Guide to the 5 Minute Makeup for women over 40. Includes:

+ The Zoom-zone checklist. Tips for getting into the right head space, getting organised and preparing for your video-meeting.

+ Styling tips for Skype. What impression are you wanting to convey? Who are you meeting with - and what mode do you need to switch into? Only 7% of what you actually say is "just heard", 93% comes from non-verbal cues, like your grooming, body language and tone of voice.

+ The step by step 5 Minute Makeup regime, which will have you looking polished and pulled together fast. This simple, easy, effective routine will amplify your look - and become a habit that means fewer decisions to make in the morning. You can interchange colours to mix things up - but the rhythm is the same. A bit like a "capsule wardrobe" concept. 

+ Product suggestions for speed + efficacy (and skin health)All your product recommendations (with clickable links) for achieving this are included in the guide.


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