Easy Peasy Eyebrow Duo

Easy Peasy Eyebrow Duo

Brows really do frame your face. Groomed brows instantly gives your look more "polish". Brows tend to "disappear" or become more unruly as you age. A pencil that fills in the gaps (and does the hard work for you), needs no sharpening coupled with a brow gel that instantly adds volume and definition plus sets your brows ... makes this the easiest eyebrow duo ever.

mii cosmetics Brow Pencil

Game changing brow product. Your 3-in-1 brow super styler is super easy to use... and no pencil sharpener required!

Your new best friend for beautiful brows, our 3-in-1 super styler combines a triangular tipped precision pencil, creamy illuminator and grooming brush to refine, define, and highlight your arches, for a look that will last all day.

  • 3 in 1 styler.
  • Triangular tipped, precision pencil. No more sharpening pencils, yeah woo!
  • Creamy highlighter.
  • Spoolie brush, essential for combing brows through to ensure your brow does not look "drawn on" and always looks natural and fluffy.
  • Wax based formula adheres to brow hairs - ideal for covering greys.

Colour Guide:

Truly Fair - Suitable for blondes, greys and fair brunettes.

Truly Medium - Warm brown, for mid to dark brunette hair.

Truly Darker - Cool toned brown for dark brunette and black hair.

mii cosmetics Scultping Brow Builder - Brow Gel
Whether you've sparse or full brows, a little bit of this mii cosmetics Brow Builder combed through instantly thickens up and defines your brows, framing your face. With an iddy biddy wand, it's speedy, foolproof brow definition.

Choose your shade: 
Fair:  Ideal for ash toned hair, blondes and silver grey hair
Medium - Dark blonde, mid to dark brunettes, grey hair.

Colour Guide: Match your brow gel to your natural hair colour (yes, the colour you were before you started dyeing it) and always opt for a slightly darker tone to really define your eyebrows and frame your face.

Sorry but we do not take any refunds or returns for change of mind. We can only accept returns and refunds where the product arrives faulty. Please notify us immediately via email shop@amandaramsay.com.au - of any product issues and we will take them up with the manufacturer. We invite open communication at all times, and will work with you to promptly resolve any problems.

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